NYPD Finally Drops the Hammer on 'Occupy City Hall,' the BLM Encampment in NYC

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NYC protest

BLM protesters have been occupying an area by City Hall in New York City for about a month, trying to lobby the Mayor and the Council to cut the police budget by a billion dollars. But even after the city did make that cut in the budget, they still stayed, having occupied the ground. Give an inch, they take a mile.


The area has been getting progressively more dangerous with all kinds of crime around the encampment and threats to the police who are stationed nearby at City Hall.

Last Friday, as we reported, the encampment allegedly received a delivery of bats that was caught on video. Then radical leftists from the group allegedly went to the Brooklyn Bridge, which is nearby, where the police and community members were holding a unity march. The radicals attacked high ranking members of the NYPD, including the top cop, Chief of Department Terence Monahan, who had previously taken a knee with protesters. Others were cracked in the head with a cane.

But this morning, the NYPD finally decided enough was enough. They gave the radicals ten minutes to get out and then they went in and cleared the area.

What a mess.


Did it have to do with President Donald Trump’s remarks about sending in people to help out in areas like New York that have been hard hit by radical chaos? Mayor Bill de Blasio denied it, but it’s hard not to notice the timing.

From New York 1:

“What we saw change over the last few weeks was the gathering there got smaller and smaller, was less and less about protests and more and more became an area where homeless folks were gathering. I said repeatedly we do always respect the right to protest, but we have to think about health and safety first and the health and safety issues were growing. So it was time to take action,” De Blasio said.

At least seven people were arrested as riot gear-clad officers cleared out roughly 50 people remaining inside the encampment in Lower Manhattan just before 4 a.m.


One guy threw a brick at an officer, but the officer wasn’t injured.

There was also video of one man struggling with officers but it didn’t get too much worse than that.

Just showing that they could have cleared it out long ago before it became a complete pit hole.

It’s now going to take them weeks to clean up the mess, according to the city, so the park there will be closed.

It’s about time. Some of the idiots threatened to come back on Wednesday night.

The defund the police movement precipitated by the BLM was successful in having the city cut the NYPD’s anticrime unit, the unit that helped to proactively stop a lot of crime, including gun crime. After it was dissolved, crime and shootings skyrocketed, with many black lives taken, including a little one-year-old boy, Davell Gardner, Jr.

Now black activists are calling for the reinstatement of the unit to stop the harm they see happening.


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