Portland Antifa Tries to Wreak Havoc Again, Gets an Assist From Conspiracy-Spreading Dems and Media

(AP Photo/John Rudoff)
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Portland police keep Patriot Prayer affiliates separate from antifa protesters during a rally in Portland, Ore., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018. Small scuffles broke out Saturday as police in Portland, Oregon, deployed “flash bang” devices and other means to disperse hundreds of right-wing and self-described anti-fascist protesters.(AP Photo/John Rudoff)

Portland anarchists were back at it last night, as they have been every night for 49 days now, with rioting and attacking the police.

So last night, after they had been tossed from the autonomous zone, they ripped down the fencing that went up around the parks and then used it to try to barricade the streets again.

When police tried to get the fencing back, they were assaulted with full bottles and other items. But they managed to successfully put the fencing back.

According to KPTV, the mob went to the East Precinct and hundreds stood outside blocking traffic and threatening to burn it down. Anarchists threw rocks, bottles, and sticks at officers as well as pointed green lasers at officers. According to police, “a vehicle associated with the group drove up behind officers, narrowly missing officers on foot and causing an extremely dangerous situation. The vehicle was later stopped.”

Notice the material all over the ground that the ‘peaceful protesters’ advancing on the cops have attacked them with.


The Portland police arrested 20 people.

They also tried to attack the federal courthouse again. Officers fired less than lethal rounds, and deployed tear gas to break up the crowd and move them away.

But instead of doing anything about it, Portland and Oregon officials, who are all leftist Democrats, have decided to leave their citizens at the mercy of the far-left terrorists.

They are trying to blame President Donald Trump and the federal officers protecting the federal courthouse for the “escalation” of violence. It’s really been astonishing the disingenuous nature of their response. And the media has largely hyped the Democratic view.

Of course what they leave out of the equation is all the violence by Antifa on federal property and federal officers.

The latest thing that’s being spread by Democrats is this craziness suggesting that poor innocent civilians are just being snatched off the street by unmarked authorities. Check out this nuttiness from Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR):

Now they have DHS patches and “POLICE” so it’s pretty clear who they are. But they’re just trying to spin people up into this “Trump and his fascist police state!” thing. This is from right next to the federal courthouse. Notice also how the person arrested is dressed, not just a random citizen.


They’re even claiming “well, they weren’t read their rights.” Pro tip? You don’t have to be read your Miranda rights unless and until you’re being questioned while in custody. It’s a television myth that you are read your rights or police have to announce themselves when they are arresting you.

One of the reasons they are doing it this way, driving up and arresting suspects they’ve likely seen doing crimes at protests is because this is most effective. and least likely to create a violent “de-arrest” situation likes you see here:

Antifa/far left riots are known for attacking the police to try to get a suspect back. That is a danger for both the police and for the suspect as well as other people engaging in such behavior.


How about the Democrats and liberal media actually care about anarchists attacking people for 50 days? The only people trying to do anything about it are the feds and then the Democrats try to use that against Trump. But this isn’t just a police matter, unfortunately it’s also a media perception battle with the constant spin being pushed by the left so that battle has to be fought as well.


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