Portland Police Squash the Autonomous Zone, Some Try to Come Back, That Doesn't Go Well

Portland Police
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Portland Police

On Tuesday night, Portland radical leftists set up their own autonomous zone in Lownsdale Square Park, across the street from the federal courthouse that they have been attacking for weeks.


Well, if they’re not Chinook, then why were they even there? They should boot themselves out. But obviously, that point of logic is lost on them.

You can check out what a mess the thing was in just a short period of time here.

But with the news that Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf was going to be visiting the courthouse, it looks like the city finally decided to take some action.

Thursday morning they moved in and squashed the autonomous zone.


They gave the radicals ten minutes to get the heck out at 5:00 a.m., then they moved in. They booted them all out and made multiple arrests. They then put up fencing around the park to make it harder for them to get back in. They declared Chapman Square Park and Lownsdale Square Park temporarily closed.

According to the police, the parks will remain closed until they can repair the lawns, bathrooms, benches and public art that the radicals destroyed or otherwise defaced. The streets around the park will now remain open to traffic. Imagine that, streets finally able to be streets again.

Folks apparently tried to come back later in the day. That didn’t go well for them. The whining and screeching is something to behold. When the guy asks why he’s being arrested, the police response is succinct.


So here’s the thing. You try to reach in and help de-arrest someone, you’re going to get pushed back. You try to grab for the cop’s belt, that’s a big no-no, screeching woman is lucky she wasn’t arrested there. You try to resist being arrested as this guy did here with your buddies around trying to de-arrest you, then, yes, you’re going to be shoved into the police car. Gotta love the futile whining of the leftist screeching about how she/he (?) was treated.

They’re still trying to figure out what to do and they still have some folks assembling near the park. But for the moment, looks like they’re out of luck.



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