Watch: BLM 'Protesters' Invade a Dallas Restaurant and Sow Chaos

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Black Lives Matter

One of the things that turned people against the BLM in the past was their desire to harass people everywhere, even when people were just trying to have some peace, go out and have something to eat, a practice perhaps made even more precious by the pandemic lockdown rules that have robbed us of that pleasure and have destroyed many businesses.


I reported on a recent case here, that happened in Washington, D.C.

But Damani Felder, who’s a Trump supporter and has a YouTube channel called The Right Brothers, had an encounter with BLM supporters in Dallas that, he said, solidified his desire to defeat the group.

Felder explained how the mostly young white BLM group suddenly showed up at the restaurant where he was eating outside with other customers. He explains how two of the co-founders (Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, he mistakenly says one of the other founders other than Garza) are trained Marxists and the he makes another great point that many miss in all this. A lot of these kids are disaffected or feel lacking for a variety of reasons. “They want to feel good about themselves,” Felder says. This makes them think, they are actually “doing something” (other than just screaming at people in a restaurant).

Warning graphic language:

But the reality is that they’re screaming and cursing at the group of diners including black little children and trying to pick a fight. And they were successful, suddenly, the restaurant dissolves into chaos as the screaming leftists get into battles with customers and what looks like staff. Police have to be called. That causes them to scream more and act like they’re “the oppressed people,” Felder said.


It looks like police had to employ spray on them at some point. Felder says the BLM folks were throwing things and breaking windows, then police had to show up in force to deal with them. All of this was on the BLM folks, as Felder notes, everything was peaceful with people of all races enjoying each other before the BLM showed up.

This happened in Dallas, but this invasion of restaurant technique is happened in other cities where they have cells.

I wanted to show it to you because you can see as it all roll out as it happens. It’s really an excellent example of how it’s not about bringing people together, it’s really all about sowing chaos. What did this “protest?” How did they communicate anything apart from hateful behavior?


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