Martial Arts Icon Rener Gracie Explains How NYC Actions to Curtail Police Endanger Both Police and Other Lives

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Police form a line on Fifth Avenue outside Trump Tower on Sunday, May 31, 2020, in New York. Demonstrators took to the streets of New York to protest the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after he was pinned at the neck by a Minneapolis police officer. (AP Photo/Kevin Hagen)

Officials in multiple cities making moves to placate Black Lives Matter are making moves that will actually endanger more lives, including black lives and the lives of police officers in a variety of different ways. Indeed, we’re already beginning to see some of the harmful effects in NYC.

Officials acceded to the leftist push to do away with the anticrime unit. That was the plainclothes division which was very effective, proactively dealing with gang and drug crime, much of which is where the violence and shooting crimes come from. 600 officers who dealt with that up until June just had all their positions eliminated and were transferred out to other positions.

So, immediately, that’s costing lives, including black lives.

On top of that, Rener Gracie raised a big flag to something that is going to continue to endanger lives. Now, if you don’t know who Gracie is, you’re not familiar with martial arts. He and his family are jiu-jitsu legends.

Gracie explained how, in the effort not to have a George Floyd situation, NYC has gone too far so as to ban even the most basic rules of non-violent containment of a suspect.

Listen as he explains that the new bill will eliminate the ability to use many of the non-violent holds that can be used safely by police to contain suspects. Not only will they not be able to use these holds but they will be criminalized, even if they do it accidentally and even if there is no injury to any suspect.

So, if an officer happens to be struggling with a suspect and happens to get on top of him to control him, he could be charged with a crime.

As Gracie explains this is not good for the cop, but it’s also not good for the suspect. Because if the cop can’t use the non-violent holds, he’s left with having to use more violent responses which can leave more damage to the suspect — punching the suspect, using a baton, using a taser, etc. That’s going to hurt far more than a cop momentarily holding you down.

From NY Post:

“When you remove the safest control method, you force them to use the less safe tools that they have,” said Gracie, 36, including “violent alternatives” such as Tasers and even firearms.

He said “with absolute certainty” that the new rules will have the “opposite effect in New York” on keeping safe any suspects — as well as cops — calling it “a very dangerous situation.”

Those fears are even greater given that city cops know they could now be charged if caught “sitting, kneeling or standing” on a suspect’s back, Rener said, reacting in horror at warnings in a new NYPD training video.

“Even the best police officer in the history of New York City … will face charges if they put their non-violent skills to use” while arresting someone “perfectly, effectively and justifiably,” he said.

He said these laws had obviously been pass by a roomful of “suits” who didn’t understand anything about having to restrain anyone. He explained how many police officers had called him saying how low morale was and they were thinking of retiring.

Gracie is trying to reach out to Mayor Bill de Blasio but de Blasio doesn’t care, he’s all about appeasing BLM, not thinking about what the best policy is for everyone involved. Just like with the anticrime disbanding that de Blasio was behind, this move to hamstring cops is going to get a lot of people hurt if it goes through.

At this point, it’s a wonder that anyone would want to be a cop anymore given how they are being hamstrung especially by Democrats like de Blasio.

One officer tried to deal with it in a humorous way.

It’s funny, but it’s unfortunately not far off the mark from reality.



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