Watch: American Who Fled Castro's Cuba Describes the Greatness of America and Warns of the Peril We Face Now

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Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc., president Maximo Alvarez, left, sits with President Donald Trump during a roundtable discussion on tax cuts for Florida small businesses, in Hialeah, Fla. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)

Maximo Alvarez, who fled Castro’s Cuba as a young child, praised America this past week, noting with pride how it was the only country where you could come here with nothing as he had and now be sitting at a roundtable with the President of the United States. Where, by the sweat of your own brow, you could make anything of yourself. “Everybody in the world wants to come here,” he pointed out as a sign of our country’s attractiveness.

Alvarez became the president of Sunshine Gasoline and achieved the American Dream.

But after he praised America, he had a dire warning of what he was seeing now in this country, that he’s seeing the same things that he saw at the beginning of the takeover in Cuba now here.

From Townhall:

“We come over here, in my case because my parents chose that I would not be indoctrinated by the communist country, by the totalitarian country, by the totalitarian regime. They don’t educate children. Absolutely not. And this is something that we need to understand. What is happening in our backyard today, I experienced as an 11-year-old. I remember vividly all the promises that a guy named Castro gave, and how 99 percent of the people swallowed the pill,” he warned. “It took many years later, after I read somebody named Saul Alinsky, that I realized that all those people were nothing but useful idiots. I remember Castro while in the mountains being interviewed and asked if he was a communist. He went crazy. … He was going to save Cuba. I remember how he promised to the farmers, to the wahitos that you’re going to own the land. I remember all the promises that we hear today about free education and free health care and free land.”

Alvarez reminded people that Fidel Castro abolished the police, the military and even took over the Catholic church. The immigrant’s dad, however, saw through Castro’s words because he experienced the same thing under communist Spain. Alvarez’s father saw parallel’s between Castro and his home country.


Alvarez talked about why he had a deep affection for President Trump, because he said he could just be enjoying the fruits of his labors after a fruitful life, but here he was standing in the breach as his father did against Castro’s Communism.

“Talking about socialism, Catholic church, 14,000 kids who came like me in this country without parents. And we were provided an opportunity. This is what makes our country great. They didn’t give me free nothing, they gave me the opportunity. That is the most valuable thing in the world,” Alvarez explained. “That’s the America that these people are trying to destroy today by using funny terms like ‘socialism.’ They’re not, they’re communists. Don’t ever forget that.”

Alvarez ended with a tribute to his dad and asked that people of America heed his dad’s warning.

“Never forget about my dad who only had a sixth-grade education, but I think he was the greatest philosopher I ever met. He used to tell us how lucky he was because he was able to come from Spain to Cuba. And then he came from Cuba to [the] United States and he saw me graduate from college, and that was the biggest prize he ever had. And he said, ‘Don’t lose this place because you’re never going to be as lucky as me. Because if you lose this place, you have no place to go,'” Alvarez recounted.

“So with that, please keep that in mind. And please, people, explain that to our young people who are demonstrating out there. Don’t be useful idiots,” he said. “Please understand what’s happening in our country. See what happens to our parents and see what is happening to America today.”


Unfortunately many of the young today haven’t gone through what Mr. Alvarez went through and our schooling has not only left them woefully ill-informed about history but indoctrinated to the core with leftist ideas. They don’t get they are today’s “useful idiots” to be cast aside once they do their job.

We are that last best hope of earth and after us, what is there? That’s why they are doing all they can to break us and that’s why people everywhere need to hear and heed the words of Maximo Alvarez.


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