Seattle BLM Blame Police for Two of Their Members Being Hit by Car While They Protested on Highway

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Seattle protest

Talk about a propaganda video.

This one may just take the cake.

The folks behind the Seattle BLM “Women’s March” put out a video commenting on one of their members being killed while they were protesting on the I-5 highway in Seattle, and another one was badly injured. Both were white, the driver was black.


People were protesting illegally on the highway in the middle of the night with their cars blocking the road. The police had blocked some ramps onto the highway in order to make it safer for them. It’s not yet clear how the car got on the highway near them yet, but police surmise that the driver, Dawit Kelete, went around a closure they had on one of the ramps.

The driver was going down the highway then at a high rate of speed and came upon the cars in the middle of the road, he swerved to the right to avoid the cars, and ended up right on top of the people in the road behind the cars. It’s not clear whether or not he even saw them before he was right there.

Police have charged him with two counts of vehicular assault. The charge does not necessarily require intent to hit them, but can apply to driving recklessly.

In the BLM video, which appears to have been shot in a mirror since the words on the shirts and the walls are backwards, the people just spread a lot of nonsense unsupported by any evidence.


First, they claim that the driver had “accomplices” and spread a story about “four white suspects” with a camcorder in the bushes along the freeway. Again, there’s no evidence that this was intentional and the driver was black. There’s no evidence of any men in bushes reported by the police in the case, so there aren’t any such “suspects” being mentioned by the police. The BLM claim it was a “targeted attempt” on their lives, planned out by more than one person. Again, no evidence.

Second, they claim the police left one off-ramp open, again without evidence.

Third, they then claim he hit protesters again, despite the fact that the video evidence does not show this.

They said they were “dancing” to relieve stress from “another close call.” Then they accuse a police officer of trying to run them over, again no evidence. They demand the officer be charged with attempted murder.

What supports any of these claims? I cite it to show how they will pretty much say anything if it serves the narrative. The narrative of being hit by a black man while they were illegally on the highway isn’t good, so let’s add all kinds of other things to the mix to make it more palatable.


So they want to blame the ‘white people on the grassy knoll’ and the police who they want to abolish for not doing enough but don’t mention the black driver or the fact that maybe dancing in the highway in the middle of the night is really not a good idea.

The police blocked the ramps to protect them even though they want to get rid of the police.

Maybe instead of blaming the police, they should think about the fact that they endangered people’s lives.

But the police should not have tolerated their actions on the highway to begin with. Now the Washington State Patrol says that anyone who goes on the highway will be arrested.


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