Yikes: Education Council Member Accuses Colleague of Being Racist for Most Insane Reason Ever

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I’m not even sure how to describe the insanity of the following video.

Make sure you turn the volume down a little on the video before you view it, because the screeching is likely to hurt your ears. Then be prepared because the insanity may just make your eyes roll back in your head on this one.

The video covers the screeching of Robin Broshi at a NYC Community Eduction Council meeting as she screams at another member who had a friend’s non-white young nephew on his knee during a prior meeting. They were communicating remotely from their homes.

Why is she disturbed? Is she disturbed that the child was making noise? Nope. She’s disturbed that the child is a person of color being bounced on member’s knee. That’s racist, she screamed.

Broshi was enraged, claiming that it “hurts people.” She claimed that people had been attacking her because while she was a social justice warrior, they didn’t think she was doing enough, so she was apparently trying to prove her “white ally” credibility by going nuts on her colleague.


The colleague was clearly baffled by this display, as anyone might be, asking how was that in any way racist.

She refused to explain and just continued to yell, “Read a book!” “Read White Fragility,” she demanded. He must read the book for his crime of not thinking what he did was racist, he needs to be re-educated.

Sorry, I confess to not reading the book so I obviously missed the special “woke” message. But there’s nothing racist about playing with your friend’s child. If someone has a problem with it, like this woman, that’s his/her own psychosis.

This is serious insanity and frightening that this person has a position of authority making decisions about the education of children.

“I have to learn how to be a better white person.” How about be a better person in general, don’t yell at your colleague for reasons that make no sense?


And you wonder why nothing gets done and education is so lacking with all kinds of “wokeness” being pushed on kids, this would be why.

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