Deloitte Says Woman Who Made Infamous Tik Tok 'Imma Stab You' Video Was Not Employee

Screenshot via TikTok
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Screenshot of a video of the TikTok Harvard girl who threatened to stab anyone who said “All Lives Matter.” (Screenshot via TikTok)

Last week this story broke about this girl, Claira Janover, a Harvard graduate, who had made a Tik Tok saying if she heard anyone using the term “All lives matter,” she was going to stab them, “the next person who has the sheer nerve, the sheer entitled ‘caucasity,’ to say ‘All Lives Matter,’ Imma stab you.”


She later claimed that because of the complaints of “Trump supporters,” she’d lost a job that she worked really hard to get with Deloitte.

No, you didn’t lose anything because of “Trump supporters” and no, “standing up for Black Lives Matter” didn’t cost you anything, your loony threatening comments did. She later claimed that she was being “satirical” but either way, it’s loony/attention seeking and no one wants to deal with someone who makes unstable comments.

But it turns out that the claim of a job with Deloitte was a little off too, as the company explained.

Deloitte went public and said that she never worked for them, “has never been an employee of our organization,” that all they had done was offer her a two week internship that she was supposed to do later in the summer and that they rescinded that because of her comments, according to Jonathan Gandal, a managing director at the firm.


From Daily Mail:

Gandal said the offer of an internship was withdrawn because they have a company policy forbidding threatening violence.

‘Deloitte unequivocally stands against the legacy of systemic bias, racism, and unequal treatment that continues to plague our communities,’ he said.

‘We encourage and support our colleagues to speak out on these issues of critical importance to society, but our policies strictly prohibit invoking or threatening violence.’

She then tried to stoke people against the company and say it was because of her defense of BLM.

I’m too strong for you. I am too strong for any of you, All Lives Matter racist Trump supporters. It sucks but it doesn’t suck as much as systemic racism.

‘And I’m not going to stop using my platform to advocate for it.

‘I’m sorry Deloitte that you can’t see that.

‘That you were cowardice enough to fight somebody who is going to make an indelible change in the world and is going to have an impact.’

Her friends set up a GoFundMe claiming people were just trying to put down a woman of color who spoke truth to power. They’ve already raised the $10,000 goal. That’s some amount of money for a “satirical comment” and a two week internship.


So here’s the thing. Especially in the hypersensitive culture stoked by the left, don’t post idiotic things like this, whether you mean it or not, whether it’s meant to be a joke or not. The one thing every company is going to take seriously is a seeming threat to hurt someone.


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