When Biden's Not Gaffing, He's Putting Out Grade A Horse Hockey, Just Got Busted for Pretty Dumb Fakery

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In this June 17, 2020, photo, Democratic presidential candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks in Darby, Pa. John Bolton’s claims that President Donald Trump urged China’s Xi Jinping to help him win reelection is casting a renewed spotlight on a major front in the 2020 presidential campaign: the battle over who has been softer on Beijing. China already loomed large in the contest as Trump and Biden, have traded accusations over corruption, geopolitical pandering and the president’s wild shifts in tone toward the Asia superpower. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)


When the presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden isn’t gaffing up a storm, he’s pushing all kinds of horse hockey about the President that not enough media are calling out.

Take his recent ad featuring a small business owner who says that the Trump administration did nothing to help her during the pandemic.

If anyone remembers, and hopefully many do, it was the President and the Republicans who were the champions for small businesses, helping to push for things like the Paycheck Protection Program to help them. Indeed, it was the Democrats who went out of their way to stall that help, delaying refunding the program twice with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bragging about doing so in front of her packed freezers full of designer $12 per pint ice cream.

Democrats were more concerned about holding suffering families up as a pawn to get their agenda items not caring that as they did so businesses were going under from the delay.

But the ad on top of it all is just flat out deceptive.

That ad claims that Tiffany Easley, who owns NV My Eyewear in Philadelphia, was “forgotten” by the Trump administration.

In fact, Easley received thousands under that very Paycheck Protection Program.


From Free Beacon:

Tiffany Easley, who owns NV My Eyewear in Philadelphia, received a forgivable $27,000 loan during the first phase of the program in April, she disclosed to local news outlet BillyPenn. She disclosed the same to Biden during a June 11 roundtable he held in Philadelphia, telling him her major concern was creating safe conditions for her furloughed staff to come back into the store.

But the disclosure is missing from the video testimonial Easley provided for the Biden campaign, in which she says the administration made “everything worse.”

Neither Easley or Biden are talking now that Biden’s been caught on this, they’re refusing to comment.

Its release also has bad timing as the economy because of Trump’s aid and intercession with things like the PPP is coming back as the job numbers show, with the addition of 4.8 million new jobs.

The Trump campaign called the new Biden video a “dishonest” attempt to “undermine confidence” in the ongoing economic recovery, which it says was fueled by the success of PPP.

“The first round of President Trump’s incredibly successful Paycheck Protection Program processed more than 14 years’ worth of loans in less than 14 days,” said Ali Pardo, the campaign’s deputy communications director. “Thanks to this fast surge of support for small business owners like Tiffany, tens of millions of workers continued to receive paychecks. The fact is, President Trump is restoring the historically strong economy he built before and there’s nothing Joe Biden can do to stop it.”

Alfredo Ortiz, president of the Job Creators Network, told the Washington Free Beacon the video should be taken down by the Biden campaign for “false advertising.”

“It ignores the success of the PPP, which has helped roughly five million small business owners, including the one featured in the ad itself,” Ortiz said. “The fact that the Biden campaign couldn’t even find a small business owner who hadn’t received PPP funds demonstrates the incompetence of the Biden brand, and just how expansive President Trump’s relief efforts have been.”


This isn’t the first time that Biden has lied about the PPP, he previously falsely claimed that 40% of the PPP didn’t go to small businesses.

Adam Michel, a senior policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation, said that more than 70 percent of small businesses had received some financial support as well as benefitted from other programs.

Ortiz said far from being a partner with small business, Biden would be a “major opponent” because he wanted to do things like repeal the Trump tax cuts that also helped businesses and gave fuel to the booming economy before the pandemic.

Michel explained that Biden’s proposed changes to the tax code would in fact hurt Easley’s own small business.

“The 2017 tax cuts were a boon for all Americans, including small businesses. Most small businesses pay their taxes as individuals and thus received a tax cut because tax rates were lowered across the board,” Michel said. “There was also a new 20 percent pass-through business deduction that benefits most small and medium-sized businesses.”

“To the extent Biden wants to repeal these features of the tax cuts, he will hurt small businesses like NV My Eyewear,” Michel said.

So there’s no question Biden’s team knew she got help. So why did they persist in the lie? Were they so dumb that they didn’t think anyone would notice?

And will Twitter flag this video for pushing fake news and out and out deception?



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