Watch: Half-Naked Extremist Berates Black NYPD Officer Calling Him a 'Traitor' and 'Judas'

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Signs are displayed at an encampment of protesters near City Hall in New York, Tuesday, June 30, 2020. New York City lawmakers are holding a high-stakes debate on the city budget as activists demand a $1 billion shift from policing to social services and the city grapples with multibillion-dollar losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Remember how this radical leftist movement is supposed to be working for equality for all, right, allegedly working for the most oppressed, right?

Let’s hear them now, mocking NYPD officers for being uneducated rubes who didn’t go to college and apparently, to these leftists, are worth less than them with their college educations.

This is from Occupy City Hall where hundreds of radical leftists just spent a week in a tent, demanding the city cut $1 billion form the NYPD budget. The city agreed to do so, but they still wouldn’t leave the park. Police tried to remove barricades this morning but were assaulted and beaten back by the radicals in the park.

Here’s a half-naked man with a man-bun in some form of a green skirt berating the cops for not having a college education, saying a “hairdresser” has to go to school for longer than they do.

Warning for graphic language.


He tells them they “can’t even read a f**king history book.” In what utter irony, he says how dare they “make demands” about things they know nothing about. He then points out to a black officer who looks like he’s in charge of the unit and sneers at him saying, “You should know better.” He calls him a “traitor to his f**king people” and a “black Judas.”

What a nasty human being this person is.

It makes me think of that scene where the Dean says something like “fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life.” Except we could swap out “half-naked insane and stupid” for this guy. Imagine this guy thinking he can make fun of anyone else while he spews this idiocy. These cops have jobs, support their families and are making a contribution to their society. They’re not living in a tent in a park thinking they know more than other people when they obviously don’t or they wouldn’t be radical leftists.

These are the kids who think at 20 they know more than anyone else with their art history or gender studies degrees but are still living on mommy and daddy’s dime. Do any of them actually have a real job? Cops can’t protest in a tent for a week because they have real jobs unlike these folks, some of whom are professional protesters.


They don’t care about the working person, they think they are superior and they know more when they know no real history and no real life yet which is why it’s incredibly ironic that he chastises the cops for “making demands” about things they know nothing about. This reveals once again it really isn’t caring about the worker, it’s about the power.

The problem now is that they still know nothing, yet some Democratic cities and institutions are allowing these radical extremists to dictate the narrative.


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