Florida Sheriff Has a Warning for Any Violent Protesters Who Are Thinking of Showing Up in his County

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Police officers stand guard at City Hall as protesters gather near an encampment outside, Tuesday, June 30, 2020, in New York. New York City lawmakers are holding a high-stakes debate on the city budget as activists demand a $1 billion shift from policing to social services and the city grapples with multibillion-dollar losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

We’ve seen radical leftists wreaking havoc with riots and tearing down statues across the country.

But now one of the interesting things we’re seeing is the people standing up and staying “no more” to the this chaos, destruction and removal of history.

First and most importantly, the federal government has already dropped a slew of indictments and arrested a bunch of the statue destroyers and riotous arsonists, arresting people allegedly behind the torching of the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct, arson attacks on police vehicles and the Andrew Jackson statue, among notable arrests. They’ve also been employing the terrorist task forces across the country to help out in investigations as well as having formed a new task force devoted to going after the “antigovernment extremists” as Attorney General William Barr called them.

Real time with real teeth against some of the people behind this will break the back of the criminal wave. The federal government’s actions have been important in the face of a lot of weakness from local, usually Democratic, leaders.

But ordinary Americans have been standing up too. We’re starting to see protests against the removal of statues like the ones to against the removal of the Teddy Roosevelt statue in New York and to protect the Emancipation statue with Abraham Lincoln in Washington, D.C.

What’s really needed is local police and officials to stand up and speak out against the violence.


Now that’s starting to happen too.

Sheriff Darryl Daniels of the Clay County Sheriff’s Office in Florida had a few things to say to any radical leftist thinking of being violent in his county.

He let them know that they weren’t going to enjoy the response if they tried.

First, he attacked the basic fallacy they had been pushing: that somehow cops are evil and wish ill to black people. “Don’t fall victim or play victim to this conversation that law enforcement is bad, that law enforcement is the enemy of the citizens that we’re sworn to protect and serve.”

From Right Scoop:

“In Clay County we have a great quality of life. We have a great relationship with our community. But across this nation, not so much.

I wanted to take a stand with these men and women who feel the same way as I do.

Lawlessness, that’s unacceptable in this country. Lawlessness, that’s unacceptable in Clay County.

And if you come to Clay County and you think for one second, we’ll bend our backs for you, you’re sadly mistaken.

I know what happens when lawlessness prevails.

And in this day and time, God is raising up men and women just like the folks standing behind me who will have strong backbones and will stand in the gap between lawlessness and the citizenry we’re sworn to protect.”


But if they did try, e promised to give them “everything they want” and they weren’t going to enjoy it.

But someone has to step up in front of the camera and say enough is enough. Tearing up Clay County, that’s not going to be acceptable

If we can’t handle you, I’ll exercise the power and authority as the sheriff, and I’ll make special deputies of every lawful gun owner in this county and I’ll deputize them for this one purpose to stand in the gap between lawlessness and civility.

That’s what we’re sworn to do. That’s what we’re going to do. You’ve been warned.

Well said! More of this and far less of folks like Mayor Bill de Blasio and Mayor Jenny Durkan. It needs to be said, over and over again, these actions are not acceptable and there will be consequences. It’s the only way it’s going to change the behavior.


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