Scary Moment: Protester in Pink Lingerie Rushes Andrea Mitchell and Gets Hands on Dem. Eleanor Holmes Norton

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People wear face masks to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus as they walk past protest signs affixed to fencing surrounding a statue of President Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park near the White House in Washington, Saturday, June 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

You may have noticed that despite many in media playing this game about protesters/rioters being ‘mostly peaceful,’ that most of the media crews going out into the field to cover things on the ground have security with them.

That was very fortunate in what looks like a very scary situation involving MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.

Mitchell was on the street interviewing Eleanor Holmes Norton, who is D.C.’s delegate to the House of Representatives, when suddenly a man dressed as a woman in pink lingerie rushed them both, even getting his hands on Norton’s back before he was pulled off by security. The security appeared to already be chasing the protester and it’s not clear what happened immediately before.

Mitchell is clearly shocked by the incident, clutching her chest. One of them, I think Mitchell, says, ironically, “Where’s the police?” Norton appears to say that she could feel the protester’s hands on her back.

The protester also reaches into a bag and the security smacks at it, obviously concerned about what might the protester might be reaching for.


You can tell the person is a protester because you can see the protest just down the street a bit and the aborted attacker is carrying a pink megaphone.

Ultimately the person mounts a scooter and appears to move off.

Henry Rogers of the Daily Caller posted the video and the Daily Caller reported that one of their reporters was attacked by protesters on Monday night as well.

Some threatened reporter Shelby Talcott for filming. One said that if Talcott was filming her, “she would get all her money” apparently thinking it was unlawful to film her without her permission. Others said that they “would f**k you up.”

Some try to mollify the situation, but it gets way out of hand and police have to rescue Talcott.


They didn’t ultimately get her phone, she was able to hold onto it, according to the Daily Caller.

“I didn’t let her have it and fought her for it,” Talcott said, adding, “They weren’t there to talk, they were there to get me out by any means necessary, that was made clear when the woman attacked me to try and steal my phone.”

But who wants to bet that Andrea Mitchell goes on air tonight and still calls them “mostly peaceful?”


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