Even the Radicals in the Seattle CHOP Get There's a Problem There, Here's What They're Proposing Now

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It’s been pretty clear that there are big problems in the radical leftist/anarchist ‘no cop’ zone in Seattle but the city hasn’t seemed to want to admit it to themselves.


It finally boiled over on the weekend with multiple people getting shot first in an incident around 2:30 a.m. Saturday morning in which two people were shot and one was killed, and then another incident on Sunday where there was at least one person shot.

What is perhaps most troubling under the circumstances was the difficulty police and paramedics had to deal with in order to be able to get in to help the victims. That’s likely to cost people their lives if it hasn’t already.

Now, even the folks in the CHOP zone are acknowledging there are some problems with which they have to deal.

A group of organizers within the zone is suggesting they implement some measures to help improve the security within the zone.

The measures include “safe zones” for drug use which they acknowledge is an issue as well as doing CHOP events from ending at 8 pm. so that the area will empty out at night and have fewer people there in the evening to cause trouble.

“Voices of CHOP” “a group of BIPOC and white volunteers and activists” posted this. BIPOC means “black or indigenous people of color.”


They’re suggesting that the “safe zone” for drug use is then cordoned off from the rest of the area/group so that that the drug use with volunteers policing and making sure it doesn’t spill over into other areas. Sure sounds like “policing” to me. Thinking that’s not going to end well. The suggestion for operational hours would, they believe, “encourage CHOP to stop being a chaotic, immobile zone in the late/early morning hours.” They’re going to have an issue with that because “rules” to which people wouldn’t want to adhere.

If even the CHOP folks get there’s a problem, imagine what a horror show it’s been for the regular folks and businesses at night.


“We’re not even here most of the time. I’m scared to live here. It’s just not conducive,” one resident told local Seattle media last week. “What you want from a home is a stress-free environment. You want to be able to sleep well, you want to feel comfortable and we just don’t feel comfortable right now.”

Imagine when criminals or other folks with ill intent know they can just go there and there will be no police response to their crimes unless there’s a “significant” threat to life, that the city has left it a anarchy zone.

Meanwhile, the city appears content to do nothing to address the greater issues, with the mayor suggesting it’s all a big “block party” or “summer of love” in the zone.



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