Paging the Seattle Mayor: Watch Guns Being Handed out From a Car Trunk in Your 'Block Party' Zone

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Antifa’s “autonomous,” “cop free” zone in Seattle, Washington, following the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

We reported on Monday how the Capitol Hill zone occupied by radical leftists and anarchists has “armed community patrols,” courtesy of the Puget Sound John Brown Gun Club.

On top of that, the Seattle mayor, Jenny Durkan, issued an emergency order on May 30 forbidding all weapons in the area, an order which is likely unconstitutional. But guess what group is getting a pass from having to comply with the order? You got it, our leftist friends in the zone.

Here’s what her office said:

“There have been individuals with weapons — open carrying is legal in Washington State,” a spokesperson for Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan’s office told the Daily Beast. “While the CHAZ is within the area of the City currently under a weapons ban, the Emergency Order establishing the weapons ban does not mandate enforcement. It gives officers the option to take certain actions (i.e., confiscate weapons) if they deem it necessary.”

“The City will continue to assess the area on a regular basis and work with community and other stakeholders on a path forward that allows individuals to demonstrate, businesses to continue their operations, and preserves public safety for local residents,” the spokesperson said. “Officers in the East Precinct have continued to respond to calls. [Seattle Police] Chief [Carmen] Best and Command Staff have been on site at the East Precinct including yesterday, and some personnel are now staffing the precinct.”


The order, signed May 30, provides:

“B. Within this zone, all persons are prohibited from possessing, transporting, purchasing, furnishing or selling any weapon, including, but not limited to: rocks, bottles, pipes, bats, clubs, chains, sharpened signs, shields, gas, road flares, torches, paint balls, light bulbs, any incendiary devices, pry-bars, skateboards, balloons filled with liquid, dimensional lumber with a dimension greater than 1/2 inch, or any other objects which can be used for infliction of bodily harm or damage to property.

C. Seattle Police are hereby directed confiscate any weapon identified above or any other implement reasonably perceived or believed to be capable of being used as a weapon found within these boundaries.”

Of course, it’s completely hypocritical on the part of the Mayor’s office to apply this to other folks but seemingly give these folks a pass. Plus when you’re in a state of insurrection it may be just a tad different from the situation of a normal person just wanting to exercise their constitutional rights.

So we wondered if the Mayor had seen the following video, showing a little bit of her “summer of love” friend Raz seemingly handing out a gun from the back of his car to a kid in the zone? The video was allegedly taken from his livestream on June 10.


Dana Loesch pointed it out wondering where the comments were from all the gun control folks.

Doesn’t look like much of a background check going on there.

Aside from all the legal questions this action raises beyond Durkan’s own ridiculous order, this is pretty troubling stuff because the kid he hands the gun to looks like he has no idea what he’s doing and is likely to shoot a foot off if he doesn’t accidentally kill someone else with it.

But it’s just a block party, right?

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