CNN Crew Attacked by Rioters While Recording Them Torching Wendy's in Atlanta

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

CNN has done its best to play down the riots in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

CNN and MSNBC terming the riots “mostly peaceful” became almost a joke, if it hadn’t been such a manipulative narrative.


But on Saturday night, they suddenly found themselves in a position where it was hard to say that, after the death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta.

Brooks resisted arrest, grabbed a taser, aimed it, and may have fired it at the cop in the parking lot of a Wendy’s. The cop responded by shooting him, killing him.

The Mayor blamed the police officer who has since been fired and the police chief resigned. But protesters believed it was unjustified and had been protesting for most of the day on Saturday.

On Saturday night, people blocked the highway and attacked the Wendy’s, setting it on fire. CNN was on the scene, covering the action, actually committing journalism by covering what was happening, getting good pictures of the people who were destroying the Wendy’s.

They were then attacked by someone who didn’t want them filming, who broke their camera. It looks like someone took a swing at them with a skateboard.

Even as CNN’s Natasha Chen describes it, she seems to downplay it, saying “they got aggressive and the camera was broken and so we as a crew decided to back out of the area.” She doesn’t say “rioters attacked us and broke the camera.” The chyron also says “harassed” not “attacked.” They had security but it’s strange to have security if folks are “mostly peaceful.”


CNN was trying to sell the “peaceful” story about the Seattle Autonomous zone when they were approached by a clearly angry anarchist, while the reporter and Anderson Cooper tried to hold their cool. Needless to say, the story didn’t go over very well.

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