Here's What It's Like on a Trip to the New Nation of CHAZ

AP featured image
Dumpster fire near the CHAZ

There are a lot of problematic issues with radical leftists seizing six blocks in Seattle, barricading it and declaring it an “autonomous zone.”


When Occupy started, you at least had some initial organization before it deteriorated. This seems to have started with disorganization.

But to be fair, how many times does a city let you steal six blocks and create a new country?

Now, while they haven’t received official designation from the United States yet, Fox has taken note.

Gotta love this.

Yes, they have barricades and have had armed guards at their border which of course puts paid to their argument about police, walls or open borders.

Now of course, you really can’t have a new country without one of the most vital things needed in a leftist autonomous zone – the Feelings Station.

But remember a new country needs help, so screw that autonomous stuff for the moment, give us things. We need more soy!


Not even sure what’s going on here, but hey, he’s working on his ninja skills in the garden.

Now we’d like to think this is fake but it doesn’t appear so. What the heck?

What exactly is a plant ally and why are you segregating a garden?


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