After Endorsing Mass Protests, Gov. Cuomo Threatens New Yorkers Congregating, Janice Dean Finishes Off His Hypocrisy

AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey
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New York Gov, Andrew Cuomo holds his face mask while talking to the media at the New York Stock Exchange, Tuesday, March 26, 2020. Gov. Cuomo rang the opening bell as the trading floor partially reopened during the coronavirus pandemic. (AP Photo/Ted Shaffrey)

How the media has covered the BLM protests versus any other public activity is quite a study in contrasts.

While they have by and large not chastised any protesters for marching in huge groups, some without masks, they have said that cause is so important that it trumps the concerns.

By contrast the lockdown, other constitutional rights, your jobs and feeding your families were not important, deemed essential or something the state was going to ‘allow’ you to do.

Here’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo demonstrating that very dynamic.

He didn’t do anything to stop rioters and looters.

But now here he is on Saturday, threatening people for congregating on the street on Friday in NYC, in the Village, mostly without masks in video from the East Village Grieve blog.


Notice the boarded up establishments on the street, likely from the rioting and looting.

So I’m confused and maybe someone can help me with this?

Here’s Cuomo himself yesterday, as Janice Dean points out.

So perhaps he’d like to explain why the hipsters congregating is wrong but here he is not wearing a mask and for sure not in keeping with social distancing guidelines?

But remember, wear a mask.


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