Whoops: Biden Urges Senate Dems to Block Judicial Confirmations, Seemingly Forgetting All About the Reid Rule

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

How far down has the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gone?

We’ve certainly been reporting on a raft of remarks that show his confusion and even his inordinate anger when he’s challenged about anything.

There was a small taste of that immediate flash of anger that we reported when he was challenged while speaking to an NAACP panel. Somewhere there was likely a person signaling him or telling him to calm down. The benefit of doing shots from the basement.

He subsequently said that the death of George Floyd had more worldwide impact than that of Dr. Martin Luther King.

But he really went down the rabbit hole back in time with his latest comment, demonstrating that he had absolutely no idea what reality is when it comes to the Senate confirming judges.

Biden said he was concerned about Republicans encouraging senior judges to take “senior status” or retire in order to be able to appoint more federal judges before January in the event they were to lose control of the Senate.


Then he said that Democrats had to block Republicans from doing so.

But because to the Democrats and Harry Reid, that ship sailed years ago. Democrats have no power to block Republicans as everyone except apparently Biden knows and it’s all their own fault.

From Townhall:

Because of the rules change they themselves implemented under Harry Reid, during the Obama years. At the time, then-minority leader McConnell warned Democrats that a party-line vote to nuke the filibuster on nominees would come back to bite them, but the Reid and company ignored the admonition. [….]

Democrats single-handedly and unilaterally introduced the concept of judicial filibusters against majority-supported nominees, then proceeded to unilaterally end it, all over the course of about a decade. They started the practice when they were in the minority, then blew it up when they were in the majority.

Joe Biden should know all of this. He was a member of the Senate for decades and served chairman of its judiciary committee. And he was sitting Vice President when Harry Reid, with the White House’s blessing, detonated the ‘nuclear option’ on judicial nominees. Perhaps all of this slipped Biden’s mind when he issued his directive for Democrats to magically “block the ability” of additional confirmations over the coming months.


He should know it since the Obama administration gave its blessing to it happening. Yet it appears to have completely gone out of his head.

But it’s very clear that he’s deteriorated a lot since then. This video shows just how much. It also shows how much Democrats flip flop their positions to maintain power.

But thanks, Harry Reid, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) reminds Biden.


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