Here's Why Soros Backing Candidates in District Attorney Races May Now Be Coming Back to Bite Us

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FILE – In this Thursday, June 8, 2017 file photo, Hungarian-American investor and CEU founder George Soros attends a press conference at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin, Germany. Central European University says it will move its U.S.-accredited programs from Hungary’s capital of Budapest to the Austrian capital of Vienna because of uncertainty over its academic freedom. (AP Photo/Ferdinand Ostrop, file)

As my colleague Susie Moore reported on Wednesday, all the rioters and looters who had been arrested in St. Louis were released by the local Circuit Attorney, Kim Gardner.

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt chastised the action by Gardner:

As we reported, quoting KSDK:

St. Louis police arrested 36 people between Sunday and Tuesday – 25 of whom were arrested during riots that erupted late Monday and into early Tuesday morning during which four police officers were shot. The charges included misdemeanors and felonies for burglaries, property damage, assault, interfering with arrest, stealing and trespassing and unlawful use of a weapon.

So for all that? It looks like most may never be charged. Only two of those 36 arrests received a summons, the remaining 34 the prosecutor either refused to charge or hasn’t decided to charge yet, and given the history of Gardner, people doubt they ever will be charged.

Here’s the kicker:


From the Washington Examiner:

Gardner, who recently kicked off her reelection campaign, was criticized during her initial run for circuit attorney for accepting at least $30,000 from a super PAC belonging to controversial liberal billionaire George Soros. He is well known for supporting candidates, specifically city attorneys, who push liberal bail reform and sentencing platforms.

There’s the rub — that’s why we’ve been flagging George Soros backing district attorneys in races across the country. This is why it matters.

Remember Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx who caused such a storm in the Jussie Smollett case? Another Soros-backed candidate.

A Soros contribution often means that a candidate can far outpace opponents in advertising, giving them a great advantage in taking the seat. Soros has poured millions into races across the country to help candidates he wants to win, winning many important races including in Philadelphia and the Virginia suburbs around D.C.

What’s concerning is that his candidates have taken over DA positions in a variety of cities across the country. And if they follow Gardner and their own prior patterns, we could be seeing what happened in St. Louis elsewhere. You may hear of arrests, think that the person is going to be punished for their actions and then nothing ever happens to the person. “Liberal reform” of the DA’s office often means that the DA instead of acting like a prosecutor acts like a second defense attorney, leaving no one to think about protecting the citizens and no one to truly prosecute actions like the country has been experiencing, unless the suspects are able to be federally charged.


I’ve been reporting on this for a long time, but if Republicans don’t get their act together on what’s happening with this effort, you will have “fundamental transformation” and we’re not going to like the results.


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