Rioters Try to Smash Their Way Into a Bakery in Cleveland, But the Armed Owners Have Something to Say About It

Townhall Media/Ellie Bufkin
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Image of businesses boarding up their stores after riots in Washington, D.C., following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police (Townhall Media/Ellie Bufkin)

Rioters in downtown Cleveland thought they might pick up a few things at Corbo’s Bakery during the destruction last night, with a little help from the five finger discount, bats and rocks.

But if they thought they had an easy mark with the bakery, they soon found out that they were sorely mistaken.

The family that runs the bakery wasn’t about to let looters destroy the place that they have put their life’s work into.

The family said that rioters began attacking the shop using bats and other weapons, trying to force their way inside.

But Joe Corbo and his two sons met them at the door with some heavy firepower.

Once the guns came out, the people who had been trying to get in then moved on, proving once again the importance not only of being armed but not being limited to Joe Biden’s shotgun or three bullets restriction to be able to defend yourself. We’ve seen people beaten, even killed for trying to defend businesses. But what has stopped people generally is being armed.

Selena Corbo said she supported protests but not the violence.

From The Blaze:

“They came at us with bats and threw rocks at our windows, they threw, like, Red Bull cans at our heads and … rocks, and stones and then I was like, ‘Alright,'” she added to the station.

One man who disagreed with the Corbo family’s approach said they cared more about their business than people.

“People … are so adamant about protecting their business more than they are about protecting lives,” he told WOIO, adding that “when protests happen they always talk about ‘you can’t combat violence with violence,’ but they never want to talk about the violence that caused this in the first place.”


That’s nonsense. Everyone was talking about George Floyd and the focus was on him. Now the focus is on the riots. Rioters don’t care about George Floyd because if they did they’d want the focus to be on him, they wouldn’t be creating new pain and destroying other people’s lives. It’s just wrong to try to defend them and it’s about time that all those in authority unreservedly condemn these violent actions.

No one should have to explain having to defend their own property and their own lives.

Corbo added to WJW that the riots have been “just sickening, I can’t even put it into words, it’s just awful. I mean I can’t even believe it; I thought we were done with that kind of stuff, you know, years and years ago, I thought Cleveland moved forward. I love our town, I think we’ve all built it up as Clevelanders, and it’s a great place to live, and it just got shot down in a matter of a few hours. It was terrible.”


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