Watch: CNN Crew Arrested by MN State Police Live on Air During Riot Coverage

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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A picture of a business vandalized in Minneapolis, Minnesota, during riots following the death of George Floyd. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

Things are melting down in Minneapolis.


The Minnesota Governor has activated the National Guard and the state police have been deployed to try to control the situation.

But the state police may have just stoked the situation instead by arresting a CNN crew live on air. Police claim that the crew didn’t move out of the riot area when they were told. The CNN crew said they were trying to be compliant with the police and that’s what it appears like from the video. But then they were arrested while the cameras rolled.

They arrested the reporter, Omar Jiminez on air, but also arrested the whole crew including the producer and the cameraman.

According to CNN’s Brooke Baldwin, the crew, in addition to Jiminez, included producer Bill Kirkos and the cameraman Leonel Mendez.

This isn’t the first time that reporters have been arrested during riots, generally for the same alleged reason — not moving after police have declared it a riot and anyone within the area subject to arrest, although this may be unique to have it happen live and on the air. It happened multiple times during the Ferguson riots, for example.


The Governor said he would intervene, called it unacceptable and apologized.

Jimenez and the others were later released.

Bad move and seemingly unjustified. Other members of the crew were white, so why they arrested Jimenez and the others didn’t seem to be related to race, but that didn’t stop CNN and other media from suggesting it was racism. Blue checks also blamed President Donald Trump, despite the fact the state, the city, and the police are all controlled by Democrats.

That reporter was Josh Campbell, who was in a different location, said he complied with police requests and wasn’t arrested.


No, the Trump folks were not behind the arrest or even happy with it, calling it outrageous.


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