Watch: CNN Headquarters in Atlanta Under Attack From Rioters

(AP Photo/David Goldman, File)
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FILE – In this Aug. 26, 2014 file photo, security guards walk past the entrance to CNN headquarters in Atlanta. The international news channel on Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014 announced it will halt broadcasting in Russia due to recent changes in media legislation. (AP Photo/David Goldman, File)

Breaking now out of Atlanta are reports of massive group of protesters/rioters who attacked the CNN headquarters and set fire and damaged police cars outside the building.

Earlier, notice all the radical leftists, the sign “The only good cop is a dead cop.”


FTP = f–k the police. ACAB = All cops are bastards. Notice also the anarchy symbol spray painted on the building. These are hard core leftists working for the revolution.


Remember how the leftist media demonized the peaceful lockdown protests?

What will they say now that they are under attack? Will they comment on how most of these folks weren’t wearing masks? Not obeying social distancing guidelines? Obviously not concerned about hygienic or virus concerns? Will they call them rioters?

Will they take in that when the media inflames, it can come back and bite them?

Some of the reaction:


We all should be against rioting and destruction, and condemn such actions. But yes, CNN sucks.


Someone threw a smoke grenade into the building and reporter Nick Valencia was allegedly hit with a BB bullet from a BB gun.


There’s some speculation that CNN might be under attack because Brian Stelter compared CNN being arrested to George Floyd being killed, a story that my colleague Sister Toldjah reported on earlier. That would be some irony, when they try to place themselves in the story and make it about themselves and not Floyd, but rioters decide to make it about them.

How much is Floyd, how much is being locked up for months with the pandemic, how much is the instigation of hard core leftists? All of that may be there, but particularly that last part.

We will continue to update as this develops, they are still attacking the building.


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