Einstein Alert: Alyssa Milano Mocked Into Next Week after She Tweets About Wearing Masks and Reveals Hers

(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

I’ve seen a lot of debates on the efficacy of wearing masks to fight the Wuhan coronavirus.

When the so-called experts who initially said don’t wear the masks because it’s not appropriate then flip and say well, yes you should be wearing them and if you don’t, you want to kill Grandma, it doesn’t give people reassurance in what they’re saying. Some rationality and sanity is missing there.

There are a lot of questions about masks and their viability – size of the virus particle not prevented by most masks, most people aren’t wearing them with a seal tight to the face, wearing them may cause you to touch your face more, etc etc. But yes, if you are ill, it may provide some measure against you spewing on others and depending on what you are doing, you may or may not know if you have been exposed or have contracted the virus.

But leaving aside any of those questions, the mask that Alyssa Milano was wearing as she encouraged others to wear masks surely had some big holes in her protection defense. Literally.

Um, does someone want to tell her? Does she really think this is effective?

Needless to say, she got mocked into next week with that mask.

Knit wit?

I see the argument. But they don’t need any greater help in looking dumb.

This is so the perfect symbol of liberalism, complete virtue signaling, no reality, achieving nothing.