Chris Cuomo Tries to Whack Trump over Drug, Americans Remind Him of Wife's Actions and Janice Dean Finishes Him Off

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo is not terribly bright. There’s a reason he’s nicknamed “Fredo.”

He tried to take a whack at President Donald Trump in another example of being an “objective CNN journalist,” but couldn’t even get the drug name quite right.


Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine under a doctor’s care, there is a difference.

But Cuomo really is that last person who should be offering any opinion given the lies surrounding his “quarantine” He staged a “dream moment” coming up from the basement and out of quarantine after he’d already been up and out for at least a week.

But even more than that, do we need to remind him of his wife, Cristina, and her wild prescriptions for dealing with the virus? What she did is likely spend God knows how much money on things of questionable use with things no normal person could get or afford, even if they wanted to. Three members of her family including herself came down with it. Not exactly a good record.

Is Cuomo really going to try to knock a doctor’s prescription versus his wife’s recommendation to take bleach baths to get rid of the metals and “oxygenate” her body? She’s also used quinine (in Peruvian bark form). Does someone want to tell Chris that chloroquine is a synthetic derivative of quinine? So he’s basically saying it’s cool to take quinine through whatever method she’s taking it versus hydroxychloroquine from the White House physician? Not a great argument there, bud.


Doctors have been using hydroxychloroquine as a preventative around the world and as my colleague Sister Toldjah reported earlier, pharmacists didn’t see the issue here with Trump taking it.

But yes, let’s hear from “Dr. Chris Cuomo” who doesn’t even know what he’s trying to bash is the synthetic safely prescribed version what his wife was using.

Folks reminded Fredo that maybe he really should just be taking a seat.

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