HUGE: Grenell Docs Reveal Who Unmasked Flynn, Durham Investigating, Brennan Allegedly Suppressed Russian Intel

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FILE – In this June 16, 2016 file photo, CIA Director John Brennan testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Brennan, said on “Fox News Sunday Jan. 15, 207, that Donald Trump’s “talking and tweeting” is not in the nation’s interest and that the president-elect lacks a full understanding of the threat Russia poses to the U.S. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File)

Buckle up, there’s some banging news coming.

As has been previously reported, DNI Ric Grenell declassified the names of a list of Obama officials who were involved in the unmasking scandal.

Among those are allegedly the person or persons who unmasked the name of Gen. Michael Flynn on his call with the Russian ambassador, according to reports.

While what Flynn did was not a crime, according to the Department of Justice and Attorney General Bill Barr, but what Obama officials did to try to get him potentially was, as former deputy independent counsel and FOX News contributor Sol Wisenberg noted at Real Clear Politics.

An investigation of the incoming National Security Advisor had already completely cleared him but was kept open under a fraudulent pretext and he was interviewed under a fraudulent pretext and there was absolutely nothing wrong with his phone calls with the Russia Ambassador Kislyak and what shows disrespect for the law is when you unmask officials who shouldn’t be unmasked and then leak classified material and leak the Kislyak phone calls to the press, which is a felony offense punishable with a 10-year statutory maximum.”


So who unmasked Flynn and who told Obama so that he knew about the call in the Jan. 5 meeting? There’s been some question about that, with former DNI James Clapper denying that he briefed Obama and former FBI Director James Comey saying that it was Clapper.

The answer according to a report from Fox’s Ed Henry on Tucker Carlson’s show is in the declassified documents that Grenell just delivered to the Department of Justice, which is just one of several batches of intel being declassified. Henry postulated this may be why Barack Obama, John Brennan, and others have been lashing out. Sure sounds like they might be nervous. Henry said according to sources there’s a list that has the officials behind the unmasking of Flynn. Significantly, Henry said a spokesperson for Barr said that U.S. Attorney John Durham is looking into the unmasking issue and considering if there should be prosecutions.

Additionally, Henry said there was information in four or five other batches of intel “that could get sticky for John Brennan” because of some of the information that’s in there. What was the information?

From Washington Examiner:

Fox News chief White House correspondent Ed Henry said Tuesday evening that “it could get sticky” for Brennan, who served as CIA director under former President Barack Obama, for his role in developing the 2017 intelligence community assessment on Russian election interference that determined with “moderate” to “high” confidence that Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin sought to boost President Trump’s 2016 election chances.

“There’s other intel that may have been more serious suggesting that Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to win, rather than balancing that out in the assessment they put out there in that assessment, and set the narrative that Russia wanted Trump to win,” Henry reported on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Noting that Fred Fleitz, a former CIA officer and National Security Council chief of staff, first blew the whistle on Brennan’s efforts to hide this information, Henry said he has a separate intelligence source who confirmed this intelligence is among the four or five batches of documents that Richard Grenell, the acting director of national intelligence, is working to declassify.


Remember how we were sold the story that it was definitive that Russia wanted Trump to win? It was Brennan who allegedly suppressed evidence counter to that, more significant intel by some accounts, than that saying they wanted Trump to win. But that wouldn’t fit the narrative of what they were trying to sell about Trump being compromised by Russia.

You can check the report here.

Cross your fingers, but it’s sounding a lot closer to people perhaps finally paying for some of the grievous harm that was done to the country and the Trump team through all this.


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