There Will Be a Reckoning: ChiComs Spread Cartoon to Attack U.S. Over Virus

There Will Be a Reckoning: ChiComs Spread Cartoon to Attack U.S. Over Virus
Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP

Here’s a thought.

How about the nations of the world get together when we are past this pandemic to work out ways to hold China to account, through legal action, sanctions, or other actions that will prevent them from ever lying and covering-up things again?

Everyone has different economic relations with China and everyone could have a part to play in putting a squeeze on them and holding them accountable.

But, regardless of what the rest of the world does, we need to have all crucial supply chains disconnected from China. Let that be a big part of the punishment they suffer, because a severe economic punishment is what they will truly understand and we need to recoup some of the money for all that they have damaged us.

Right now, not only is China not taking any responsibility for their own actions, but they have continued to sell defective PPE to the world, lie, and blame others like the U.S.

They actually came out with a children’s cartoon today, shared by the Twitter accounts for the Chinese Embassy in France and Xinhua News, the Chinese government puppet media. One has to wonder how much money they spent on this idiocy. This is what they’re spending their money on, rather than helping their people or producing PPE that actually works.

Sorry, China, you can’t hide your lies, the Internet is forever.

They tried to disappear the evidence and the journalists, punished the doctors who found the virus, lied about it not being communicable up until late January, had the WHO claim there was no evidence it was communicable on Jan. 14, even knowing it was communicable allowed people to travel out of China all around the world with thousands coming to the U.S., even as they were restricting travel within China. The WHO fed into this by attacking people like the U.S. for restricting travel with China. China continued to lie about the number of virus cases and the number of virus deaths. They sent defective PPE around the world. They even tried to blame the U.S. for the origin of the virus and have continued to do stupid things like this cartoon in order to deflect blame from themselves.

So what is liberal media’s response to this cartoon? Well, there hasn’t been a lot of weighing in yet.

Here’s a response from Josh Rogin, an often sensible guy from the WaPo:

But another sample from Josh Marshall, founder of Talking Points Memo. It’s “amazing.”

No calling out the lies or propaganda.

But the cartoon calls for an appropriate response. Let’s go with a classic.

There will be a reckoning.

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