Greg Gutfeld Destroys Media Matters Guy Who Claims He Downplayed Virus, Drops Him with Receipts

Fox News

Greg Gutfeld

Folks in the liberal media are quite something.

Now there is a lot of rewriting history going on, with some on the left like MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough claiming “everyone saw this coming in early January.”


Still others claiming that President Donald Trump or Fox News is somehow responsible for “downplaying it.”

But what was Trump doing in January? He was activating the CDC, forming a task force, cutting travel with China and declaring a public health emergency.

What were Democrats doing? They were trying to impeach Trump and calling cutting travel racist or xenophobia.

So if we accept the Democrats/media new rewrite then what can we have to say that people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats in NYC and New Orleans who urged people to go out to events and mingle with people?

What can we say about media who put out stories like these?

Or CNN being more concerned that the task force was “too male and white” on Jan. 30?

The bottom line is that media wants to act like they were on top of it and knew everything, when we really don’t even know yet completely how this is going to scroll out, everyone is now just working off of models and what information has developed over time on the ground. In January we didn’t have accurate information because China lied and blocked it from getting out. We had reason to believe we may have caught it early, but didn’t yet know the full extent of the lies. So we might think they weren’t being truthful with us, but that still doesn’t give you a real picture, we don’t even have a real picture right now, with people with competing models of what they think will happen.


Bottom line? Trump did start taking it seriously in January while the media was still not doing so and was more concerned with him being “racist” and his task force not being diverse.

But while Trump was doing that, folks on the left have been attacking over the virus and they haven’t stopped. Their first concern seemingly not the virus, but the narrative to attack Trump and/or Fox.

Andrew Lawrence of Media Matters went after Fox’s Greg Gutfeld for “lying” about taking the virus seriously.

But of course, it was Gutfeld who was telling the truth, not Lawrence. Gutfeld provided the receipts and demanded a retraction from Lawrence.

Gutfeld demanded that Lawrence retract, but Lawrence refused to admit he was wrong.


Lawrence continued to push the Democratic talking point that Fox’s ‘downplaying’ was going to get everyone killed.

Gutfeld gave him one last warming, telling him to retract.

Gutfeld is now talking with Harmeet Dhillon, a First Amendment lawyer.

Sounds like Lawrence is about to get dropkicked with a potential legal action unless he retracts.

HT: Daily Caller


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