Pelosi Needs to Update Talking Points: Says Trump Must Invoke Defense Production Act, But He Already Has

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks at the 2019 Democratic women’s leadership forum, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


President Donald Trump and the folks at the White House have been going all out, full time trying to defeat the Wuhan coronavirus.

They have to be juggling a lot on top of all the normal things with which they have to deal.

Even with all that Trump still has the energy to slice and dice a CNN reporter for CNN for falsely claiming that he asked for governors to appreciate him.

As I said in reporting that story, it’s hard to imagine how someone like Joe Biden who seems befuddled just talking to a CNN anchor is going to deal with Trump in a debate.

But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi seems to be suffering some befuddlement or she hasn’t updated her Democratic talking points.

“And so to the President I would join those, whether it’s the governors, the mayors, people across the country who are saying, ‘We need the equipment, the personal protective equipment, for the workers, the ventilators and other equipment for the patients.’ We need proper testing, testing, testing. So I would say to the president, immediately implement the Defense Production Act insisting that businesses in our country turn to producing the equipment that we need.”


But Trump already invoked the Defense Production Act, signing an executive order doing so on March 18.

In fact, he used it to lean on GM on March 28 to press them to move faster on producing ventilators for future anticipated needs that are believed to be coming, as The Hill reported.

Trump said GM was wasting time and that by invoking the act to push the production would help ensure quicker production of ventilators to save American lives.

He even appointed White House aide Peter Navarro to coordinate all the Defense Production Act activities that might be required to increase manufacturing capacity.

So where was Nancy Pelosi when all that was happening? She apparently missed the memo.

She keeps saying ‘we need testing, testing, testing’ and she fails to have updated those talking points too. The U.S. has conducted more tests than any other country, close to a million tests, with 964,865, 163,565 were positive and 801,300 were negative. We also still have one of the lower number of deaths and lower mortality rate.


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