Paging American Media: You're Helping Chinese State Media Propaganda About Wuhan Virus

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“Racism is not the right tool to cover your own incompetence” tweeted out by the “China Xinhua News” service, a propaganda arm of the Communist Party of China.


When the Wuhan coronavirus first hit, the media was calling it Wuhan coronavirus, Chinese coronavirus, and Wuhan flu.

But then China began pushing back, and suddenly you saw media claiming it’s “racist” to call it any of those names even though they themselves had called it that and it’s a common naming convention. Trump was right to call out where it originated as the CCP was trying to cover that up and push the claim that the U.S. had somehow started it.

The media suddenly seemed insanely more concerned about the name President Donald Trump called it than the actual virus itself, the Chinese government cover-up and the people who they disappeared/punished or them trying to blame the United States for originating the virus.

So what is China doing? Making use of the media’s questions and criticism.

From Xinhua:

At a critical moment when the world is united in the battle against COVID-19, some U.S. politicians, instead of stepping up epidemic containment efforts on American soil, have kept calling the coronavirus the “Chinese virus” in an attempt to scapegoat China for Washington’s lackluster epidemic response. [….]

Going against the international consensus, Washington exploits such racist terms for cheap political gains, using the virus as a weapon to smear China. Yet such a political scheme won’t quell domestic criticism of the White House over the coronavirus crisis.

Washington is currently under fire for its slow and sloppy response to the virus, which has hit all 50 states throughout the country. Many media outlets have criticized the White House for squandering the precious time China has bought the world to fight against the virus.

In this context, Washington, instead of examining its policies, is trying to deflect attention by stigmatizing other countries. Such a move is malicious.


The “precious time that China has bought the world?” Do they expect anyone to take them seriously? Because of their delay and cover-up, they allowed it to spread throughout the world.

By the way, that’s Richard Marx, the singer, being used for propaganda there.


The doctor on the far left who alerted the world allegedly has died of the virus, the other two citizen journalists, Chen Quishi and Fang Bin, are still missing.

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