Bill de Blasio Wants to Nationalize Industries, but Chris Hayes Doesn't Get Why Trump Consulted Private Biz About Virus

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The reaction to things like the Wuhan virus really shows who people are when the rubber meets the road.

For former Democratic presidential candidate Bill de Blasio, it was about letting his inner radical leftist out.


As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, the former NYC mayor didn’t do so well when he tried to give out advice about dealing with the virus that other day.

On Saturday, he made it worse when he did an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid during which he attacked the government over testing not being more available but then said that he thought that businesses should be nationalized to fight the virus.

Uh, huh. Never let a crisis go to waste to get his radical agenda pushed through. For our own good, of course, taking advantage of the situation.

From Grabien:

“Here’s reality: This is a war like situation,” de Blasio told MSNBC’s Joy Ann Reid. “We’re in a wartime scenario with a Mar-a-Lago attitude being used by the federal government. It’s so laid back, and I don’t understand it and — by the way, testing, how about ventilators, where is the federal government making sure our hospitals have the ventilators we’re going to need? Where is the federal government when it comes to surgical masks?”

“This is a case for a nationalization of crucial factories and industries that could produce the medical supplies to prepare this country for what we need,” de Blasio declared. “Hand sanitizer. People are going crazy trying to get hand sanitizer.”

There’s a tweet for everything.


“The Federal Government has been inept at responding to this pandemic.“

Nine days later:

“We must have government be in charge of everything.”

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes doesn’t understand why President Donald Trump involved private companies in his press conference on the virus, not seeming to understand it was vital to explain to people how many would be helping out in the private sector.

Bill wants to nationalize them all, Chris doesn’t get why you even talk to them.


You know, cooperatively. Not forced, each with their own interests in providing services to their customers.

Private business for the win, nice job folks. Can you ever even imagine Barack Obama considering that as an essential element of the effort?

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