Trump Has Been Tested for Wuhan Virus; Media Who Were Unhappy He Wasn't Tested Now Unhappy He Has Been

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Donald Trump speaks during a briefing on coronavirus in the Brady press briefing room at the White House, Saturday, March 14, 2020, in Washington, as U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson listen. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


The White House has announced that President Donald Trump has been tested for the Wuhan coronavirus, despite having no symptoms, out of an excess of caution because he had exposure to at least two people who have been diagnosed with the virus.

One of those people was the Brazilian president’s press secretary who tested positive in the days after he met Trump and the other was Nestor Forster, Brazil’s chargé d’affaires in Washington. But neither had symptoms when they met with Trump. So it’s not clear if they had it when they met with the president and it’s less likely if they were asymptomatic that they will transmit it, although still possible.

The test should take about 24 hours to determine.


Meanwhile, the president announce that the U.S. is extending the Europe travel ban to cover the residents of United Kingdom and Ireland for 30 days beginning Monday. American citizens will be able to come back and get checked at the airport, as with the EU travel ban.

Media is of course having their typical reaction. Those who were attacking him for not getting tested are now attacking him for getting tested.

Trump’s doctor had put out a letter yesterday saying he had no symptoms so he didn’t need to be tested. He may not have wanted to waste a test for nothing.

But the president decided to get tested anyway to assuage concerns.

So now the leftists and media who were freaking that he wasn’t getting tested are now upset that he did get tested. They think somehow the doctor’s statement and his in conflict. That’s their latest crazy meltdown. They wonder why people think media has no credibility?


Sounds like Maggie is “teeing up” for Democrats again.

Never Trump folks, being irrelevant and wrong, as usual.



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