George Conway Goes Full Truther on Trump's Doctor, Upset He's a DO and Not MD

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FILE – In this Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017 file photo, President-elect Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway, center, accompanied by her husband, George, speaks with members of the media as they arrive for a dinner at Union Station in Washington, the day before Trump’s inauguration. Trump has chosen George Conway to head the civil division of the Justice Department. The Wall Street Journal reports that he was chosen to head the office that has responsibility for defending the administration’s proposed travel ban and defending lawsuits filed against the administration. The White House and the Justice Department would not confirm the pick Saturday, March 18, 2017. George Conway declined to comment. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


We really need to keep a list of the stupidest comments that folks on the left make about the Wuhan virus.

We’ve already gotten some pretty stupid ones including a Los Angeles Times reporter grousing about President Donald Trump daring to wear a “USA” hat during a press briefing about the virus.

Oh, my gosh, the horror!

But here comes Never Trump crazy George Conway who we can always count on for ridiculous TDS-filled comments.

Apparently, Conway was triggered by the fact that Trump’s doctor Navy Commander Sean Conley is a DO (doctor of osteopathy) rather than an MD Apparently, he didn’t know what a DO was.

Now, not everyone knows what a DO is and that’s ok, but even when he doesn’t know something, Conway just can’t stop acting like he knows more than everyone else — when he doesn’t. Sort of like how he refuses delivery of any positive facts on Trump. He doesn’t have any idea, but he’s still going to preen, propound, and pontificate to you about it anyway.


George got ratioed, even by some on the left, and got a lesson in what a D.O. is.


Indeed. Not only did he pass the same boards, but he’s also a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians and served as the head of a trauma department in Afghanistan where he was serving with the Navy. Experience that not many ordinary MDs have had. He was also the research director at Portsmouth Navy Department of Emergency Medicine. So obviously a doctor with some chops, not to mention a veteran. DOs tend to focus more on preventative care and the whole person. All of which Conway neglected to mention, information he could have obtained if he took his head out of his rear and took a few minutes to Google.

Bonus stupid comment? Asha Rangappa, CNN “analyst” who claims to have worked for the FBI at one point. Another one who is constantly preaching about things while generally being ignorant. She was constantly defending the FBI’s actions against Trump.


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