CNN's Jim Acosta Gets Blasted for 'Idiotic' Report 'Trying to Hurt Trump and Divide Country'

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FILE – In this Aug. 2, 2018 file photo, CNN correspondent Jim Acosta does a stand up before the daily press briefing at the White House in Washington. Acosta says President Donald Trump’s attacks on the media must stop or there’s a risk someone will get hurt. He is one of the most visible members of the press corps covering Trump and a target for verbal abuse at the president’s rallies. He said Monday that Trump has, “normalized and sanitized nastiness and cruelty” in an unprecedented way. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File)


CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta had a really earth shattering report today.

“Source: Trump is concerned about coming into contact with people infected with coronavirus,” his report claimed from one source (whatever happened to the concept of two sources before you ran anything) “close to” the president. The president had been come into contact with a Brazilian official who later came down with the Wuhan virus.

They’ve tried this before, trying to suggest that he’s somehow unnaturally concerned.

Media Research Center vice president Dan Gainor told Fox it was the “most idiotic thing I’ve seem all week. And this week, that’s saying something. Of course, Trump is concerned about coming into contact with people infected with coronavirus. We all are. And we’re all supposed to be. That’s how you stop a virus, by being concerned about who you interact with and taking precautions.”

Trump came into contact with at least one person who was later diagnosed with the virus, Fabio Wajngarten, the Brazilian president’s press secretary, who met with the president at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. There were reports that the Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro had tested positive but that was later debunked. Bolsonaro also met with Trump.

Acosta quoted the anonymous source as saying, “He [Trump] is very concerned about all the people he met who have it, including the Brazilian.”


“I know Jim Acosta hates Trump. But this is even stupid for one of the most ridiculous figures in the history of journalism. What’s amazing is Acosta isn’t even good at trolling Trump. All he does is embarrass CNN and further degrade the news industry,” Gainor said. “CNN is trying to hurt Trump and divide our country in a time of national crisis.”

DePauw University professor and media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News that Acosta’s story “clearly falls into the category of ‘this is not news’” and simply the latest example of CNN’s anti-Trump business model.

“That CNN and it’s White House correspondent want to make a big deal out of a normal concern is just more indication of their wide-ranging agenda to pester the Trump administration,” McCall told Fox News.

“Any sensible person would prefer to avoid the virus, so reporting that Trump is concerned is really a ‘so what?’ moment journalistically,” McCall said. “Using an unnamed source to leak this story when there are plenty of on-the-record sources available to the media to discuss the matter is also curious. Given the many other important aspects of the COVID-19 situation that need attention, this comes off as a real journalistic tangent and waste of time.”

Gee, you think? If the “report” is true, sort of shows Trump is a pretty normal person in that regard. So that’s a fail on the part of Acosta to turn that into something odd.


Most Americans would completely identify with that.

But Acosta is just not a serious person.

Pointing out facts is apparently “xenophobia.” Stop toadying for China there, Jim. Oh, and this:


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