Krugman Hypes Coronavirus Threat In Ridiculous Thread About Trump, Climate Change and Evolution

Lai Seng Sin

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman speaks during a press conference at the World Capital Markets Symposium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Monday, Aug. 10, 2009. Aggressive stimulus spending by governments helped the world avoid a second Great Depression but full economic recovery will take two years or more, Krugman said Monday. (AP Photo/Lai Seng Sin)


It’s a really sick thing that some Democrats seem to want to hype the coronavirus because of their hatred for President Donald Trump.

Its diagnosed incidence in the United States is so far, low. The response has been good and proactive, cutting entry from areas that were affected in China. It’s important to note the reality, that the incidence of mortality is also very low. But it’s obviously a continuing challenge and there’s likely to be more diagnosed cases as more are tested.

But that hasn’t stopped Paul Krugman from spewing nonsense, all through the lens of his Trump hate. Remember when he seemed to be celebrating the virus’ effect on the stock market, but then went silent after the market came back up in a record one day gain? He’s at it again.



No, we’re led in the fight by medical virus experts like Dr. Anthony Fauci and Debbi Birx. But speaking of a guy who can’t admit mistakes…

Nothing was crippled. Indeed funding to the CDC and the NIH has actually increased, contrary to Democratic lies from folks like Joe Biden. Not to mention that the Congress just passed a bipartisan bill with billions more to address the virus.

Now talk about poppycock. That’s nonsense about the GOP, it isn’t the GOP denying basic biological science about men and women. And just exactly how does not believing the radical leftist extremist claims that the world is going to implode from climate disaster in the next ten years have anything to do with fighting the coronavirus? Apparently you’re required to believe leftist cult behavior to fight a virus?

Amazing effort to once again politicize the virus, this time, not just for Trump hate but to argue for universal healthcare.


Now why don’t I believe this story? They want to stay in countries which aren’t as prepared and whose health care systems don’t compare to ours?

Pro tip to Paul? Virus spread doesn’t care about Trump hate, belief in climate change disaster or what kind of healthcare plan you have. When did Krugman get a medical degree to expound on the spread of a virus?

But I will say this. This should make people feel better, since Krugman has such a history of being wrong.


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