Yikes: WaPo Reporter Smoothes Over Bernie Reaching Out to the Soviet Union by Comparing Him to...Ronald Reagan

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., gestures during a campaign stop at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, N.H., Monday Feb. 10, 2020. Voters in New Hampshire will vote Tuesday Feb. 11th in the nation’s first presidential primary. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)


The Democratic establishment and its willing friends in the media are going all in for Joe Biden at this point, no matter what questions are being raised about his various issues.

Another case in point: the New York Times publishing information from the 1980s that Bernie Sanders had visited the USSR then to help make the city of Yaroslavl a sister city to Burlington, Vermont where Sanders was mayor, and that the USSR was using Sanders “to cultivate a relationship to serve their own political ends.”

Now of course he was pro-Soviet at the time and he’s made multiple positive statements about Communist dictatorships from the Soviet Union to Cuba. We would just point out the interesting timing of suddenly pulling out such old obscure documents, after the prior report about Russia wanting to help Sanders in the election. Is it the Russia gambit that was employed against Trump without cause being replayed against Sanders?

But we did want to point out an absolutely truly hot take on the story from the Washington Post’s Aaron Blake. When you wonder why people don’t trust media, stuff like this is right up there with why.


Now trying to justify Bernie’s sister city efforts, which were accompanied by pitching the wonders of Soviet Communism, by suggesting Reagan had proposed sister cities too is one heck of a dishonest spin job. If he’s not trying to excuse, downplay or paint over Sanders’ efforts, then what’s the point of the comparison?

Reagan’s efforts were diametrically opposed to those of Sanders.

Reagan spent virtually his whole life fighting communism, pointing out the benefits of our system and how we should never bring socialism here. His purpose in sister cities was to try to influence Soviet citizens to the benefits of capitalism and a free society.

Socialist Sanders was trying to undermine American capitalism by smoothing over the horrors of Communism. And yes, his positions for the time were quite unique, even as they are now in trying to defend Cuba by talking about “massive literacy programs.”

Reagan fundamentally helped to bring down Communism in the Soviet Union, the “Evil Empire,” even demanding that they tear down the wall the separated East and West Berlin and held those in the east captive behind the Iron Curtain.

Two years later that wall was down and Communism in the Soviet Union was soon to follow.


There were few men more significant in the 20th century for his strength and his anti-Communism at the right point in history.

Sanders touting the benefit of breadlines like the Soviet Union and honeymooned there.

Blake got ratioed to here and back for daring to make such a comparison, as well he should.


I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite Reagan moments.

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