Gross: Video of Bloomberg Eating Pizza at a Campaign Event Shows What Not to Do During Coronavirus Threat

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg gestures as he speaks during campaign event, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


I wrote earlier how Mike Bloomberg is just a horrible campaigner, perhaps the worst ever, although he certainly has tough competition with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Bloomberg has only been on the campaign trail a short time and already he’s racking up all kinds of examples to show how socially inept he seems in presenting himself.

He went out of his way on Monday to put out an ad basically pitching himself as the answer to fighting the coronavirus. Notice the effort to make the background even look like the Oval Office.

Nice ad, right?

That’s the ad. Here’s the reality.

Not only does he touch the pizza all over and put it back in the box for people to eat, he licks his fingers and then wipes it on the coffee box. Ewwwww.


Even Donald Trump, Jr had a few things to say.

Perhaps Bloomberg needs a lesson from this guy?


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