Whoops! Report: Socialist Bernie Mistakenly Boards Wrong Private Jet

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks to supporters at a primary night election rally in Manchester, N.H., Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2020. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


One of the biggest proponents of climate change among the Democratic candidates is the current leader, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), the socialist.

He’s railed against it, supports the radical Green New Deal to “fundamentally transform” society and wants to get rid of the use of all fossil fuels which would decimate the economy and the country.

But don’t mess with his ability to fly on private Gulfstream Jets.

According to TMZ, Sanders must have been thinking about something else when he reportedly board the wrong private jet during his campaign swing.

Bernie Sanders is on the go all the time — which seems to have given him a momentary case of a campaign brain fart as he accidentally boarded the wrong jet.

The Democratic front-runner was spotted Saturday making his way off of a private Gulfstream between campaign stops in South Carolina and Massachusetts — the latter being where he held a rally at Boston Common ahead of Super Tuesday. [….]

As for this little mix-up here, it’s kinda funny. Bernie’s been flying all over the country for different campaign events — so the guy’s definitely busy and has a preoccupied mind at the moment. Mistakes like this (getting on the wrong Gulfstream) are bound to happen.


Yup, so funny that he travels on Gulfstreams so much that he can’t tell one from the other, while chastising us, fear mongering and telling us how to live.

As we previously reported, earlier in the month he and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), another proponent of the Green New Deal, were seem boarding different private jets, both flying back to Washington, D.C. within a half hour of each other. Warren at least had realized the appearance of being a hypocrite when she hid when she saw she was spotted.

TMZ pointed out this tweet from conservative “Carolina Girl,” claiming that he and his entourage flew out in three private Gulfstream jets for a ten minute flight.

Bernie may be one of the most vociferous against climate change, but he’s the worst among the Democratic candidates when it comes to spending on private jet travel, according to recent reports.


From Free Beacon:

The Bernie Sanders campaign spent just under $1.2 million on private jet travel last quarter, outpacing the entire 2020 Democratic presidential primary field.

The most recent filing from Sanders reveals $1,199,579 in spending during the final three months of 2019 to Apollo Jets, LLC, a “luxury private jet charter service.” The campaign spent an additional $23,941 for transportation to Virginia-based Advanced Aviation Team.

Private jet travel is estimated to produce roughly eight times the amount of carbon per passenger as traveling by commercial airliner, the Free Beacon notes.

Entering the final quarter of 2019, the Sanders campaign had purchased $9,030 worth of carbon offsets. It purchased an additional $23,200 in carbon offsets from NativeEnergy this past quarter, the most recent filing shows.


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