Dems Claim Trump Is Authoritarian? They Haven't Seen These Troubling Remarks That Got Cheers From Dem Voters

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Democratic presidential candidate businessman Tom Steyer waves Friday, Feb. 7, 2020, before the start of a Democratic presidential primary debate hosted by ABC News, Apple News, and WMUR-TV at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)



Democrats have farcically accused President Donald Trump of being “authoritarian.”

That’s hilarious when you hear folks like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) praising Communist countries like Cuba and China.

But indeed if you listen to the statements made by Democrats and what they say they want to do, is a festival of edicts which they would impose upon you by force of government if they could.

A good example is a conversation a young voter had with Tom Steyer, who seems to think that being president equals being a king.

Steyer responded to the girl who said she was “terrified” about what climate change will do to this planet and her future.

His response? He’s the only one who places that as the number one threat to fight. And he wonders why he’s nowhere in the polls despite pouring in millions? It’s nonsensical to call it the “number one threat,” that’s a lack of reality and rolling into fantasy.

But how would he address this “number one threat?” Well, dang the Congress, the Constitution and all that stuff, he would be full steam ahead, he would declare a “state of emergency” and issue edicts as to how everyone should act and what they should do.

“I will use the Executive emergency powers of the presidency to tell companies how they can generate electricity, what kind of cars they can build and on what schedule, what kind of buildings we’re gonna have, how we’re going to use our public lands, how the government, which is the biggest buyer of fossil fuels, is going to move to clean energy.”


First, he’s unlikely to ever win, although he’s shockingly third by some polls right now in South Carolina. Second, this is insane.

This is called a dictatorship, not a presidency.

How does someone who is a billionaire get to be so cray cray? He and Mike Bloomberg together are not good advertisements for the sanity or the intelligence of billionaires. But they are good ads for acting like authoritarians and thinking they can tell us how to live.

Cuomo tries to pull him back from the ledge a bit with little push back, questioning where he thinks his power comes from to do all that. Steyer’s response? Don’t worry about me, I’m not saying I want to seize the means of production, just control them. “What I’m talking about is the government setting the rules of the road for corporations.” Yes, when the state dictates by edict what private corporations can due without force of democratic legislation, that’s authoritarianism. “That’s what the government does,” Steyer argues. No, it isn’t what the government does, check your Constitution, the government does not dictate to private corporations how they should operate by edict, “without any conflict or compromise[meaning no one will be allowed to object to his edicts].”

Steyer then goes over into more crazy about that it’s not really a “science issue” but an “environmental justice” issue (you can say that again, it’s all about the control because it surely isn’t about the science). He says the places where people can’t breathe the air and drink the water the most are “black and brown communities” [you mean places run by Democrats, right?]. He mentions Flint, Michigan and the water main crisis there. What does that have to do with climate? He then tries to argue this is a “boon” to the United States, that his plans would bring “four and a half million good paying union jobs.” Even assuming that were true (and it isn’t), at the price of what? Destroying the economy, destroying businesses, destroying millions of actual jobs.


The last point he makes on the clip is the kicker. He attacks the others who say they have a “perfect plan to get through Congress,” “Congress has never passed a climate bill, ever.” So, his plan? He dispenses with Congress all together. No fuss, no muss, Fascists are us.

Meanwhile he’s drawing away votes from Biden in South Carolina.



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