This May Be the Most Cringeworthy Video of Mike Bloomberg Yet

Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg speaks to campaign workers and supporters in Minneapolis Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, as he opens the first field office in Minnesota and meets with local community leaders and voters to share his vision for the country. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)



Some on the left seem to believe former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg has a chance up against President Donald Trump if he were to win the Democratic nomination.

They think he’s more “moderate” than some of the others on the left, he might give as good as he gets from Trump — and he has the money to fund his own campaign because he’s a billionaire.

The problem, of course, is that they haven’t actually been listening to him as we in the New York area had to for years.

Bloomberg is one of the most elitist, truly unlikeable people you’d ever want to see. He’s Hillary 2.0 when it comes to likability. No, he’s not as left as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) but Bloomberg still thinks he has the right to take your guns away.

While Trump appealed to people because of ideas and a belief in America, Bloomberg is about telling you what to do and scolding you, from guns to soda. There’s a reason he earned the nickname “Nanny Bloomberg” He also has a host of baggage in his background that’s just starting to come out, from questionable language and attitudes toward women to things like stop and frisk that aren’t going to go over well in his fight for the nomination. He’s got things that will offend both those on the left and those on the right, an equal opportunity offender.


There have been some cringe-worthy videos of Bloomberg that have already come out.

It’s always subjective, of course, but this may be the most cringe-worthy yet.

Bloomberg was performing at the Inner Circle show in 2006, when he did a take-off as Mary Poppins, literally, on his political aspirations for the White House and a nod to his “nanny-statism.” “I’ll tell you where I’m going. First, Iowa. Then New Hampshire. Maybe I can get the whole country to behave!”

What did I just watch? And no, he didn’t quite make it to Iowa and New Hampshire. But I guess he’s “Mayor-y Poppins.”

Is it fair to say he looks really tiny floating like that? But yeah, “maybe I can get the whole country to behave” is spot-on what he thinks.


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