CNN Blames Trump for Its Own Fawning All Over Michael Avenatti

Brian Stelter

Brian Stelter


In the wake of Michael Avenatti’s conviction for extortion, CNN has been getting some backlash for its fawning all over the creepy porn lawyer, despite plenty of evidence to suggest what a dirtbag he was.


Need we be reminded of how they even pumped him up as a potential presidential candidate, as the one who could truly take on President Donald Trump?

Here are some examples of just how much the media embraced this creep, devoting hours of programming time to him, largely because he attacked Trump.

His presence on cable news? You put him there.

Except CNN commentator Ana Navarro hasn’t been “GOP” anytime recently.

So in the wake of the backlash after the conviction, CNN’s Brian Stelter asked his panel including Lachlan Markay and Asawin Suebsaeng — both from The Daily Beast — to evaluate how he had approached the coverage of Avenatti. “Was that stupid on my part?” Stelter asked. Pro tip? Yes.

So what did they do? Blame Trump, of course.


Markay claimed that one of the “weird and distressing” things Trump has done is to “Trumpify” his opposition as well. Markay claimed that Avenatti was in many ways “very similar to Trump,” that he knew how to operate in the media environment and Trump critics thought he could beat Trump at his own game.

Asawin Suebsaeng sums it up at the end: we covered it because we thought it was “getting in the President’s head.”

Because that’s how CNN and other media judge what is newsworthy: is the person anti-Trump, no matter how delusional or ridiculous that person is or how stupid it is to feature him. (Yes, Brian, it was stupid).

Every normal person knew what a slimy character he was. You didn’t care, Brian, because it served your narrative.

But how silly right? It’s all because of Trump that we gave this fool airtime.

Ask me again how anyone takes CNN seriously?


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