Here's the Moment from the Debate That's Going to Do In the Dems and Biden Just Made It Worse

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

There was a moment during the Democratic debate on Friday that you know is going to be made into a Republican ad.

Joe Biden had just expressed a concern about having Bernie Sanders as a “Democratic socialist” at the top of the ticket because he thought that they wouldn’t be able to win.


ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked then, “Is anyone else concerned about having a Democratic socialist at the top of the ticket?”

No one else except Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) expressed a concern. Even then, Klobuchar’s concern was about bringing in independents and moderate Republicans that she thought you couldn’t bring in if Bernie was at the top.

From Real Clear Politics:

“Bernie and I work together all the time, but I think we are not going to be able to out-divide the divider-in-chief, and I think we need someone to head up this ticket that actually brings people with her instead of shutting them out,” Klobuchar argued, dodging the question but still trying to make a distinction.

“Donald Trump’s worst nightmare is a candidate that will bring people in from the middle. The people that are tired of the noise and the nonsense and they are tired of the tweets and the mean stuff, and they are looking for someone else,” she said.

Like Biden, the objection was about the ability to win, not with the policies and problems presented by socialism itself.


On Sunday, Biden doubled down on that thought, reiterating his concern about Sanders being at the top of the ticket. But then he said that he would “work like hell” to get Bernie elected if Sanders got the nomination.

So they’d work like hell to get Sanders who isn’t even a Democrat elected, drive the country further to the left and into the hands of socialists because they think it’s going to help them hold onto power?

How do you think Americans are going to react to this? Hint: not well.

There’s a deeply ingrained distrust of socialism, with every reason.

If you’re willing to endorse a socialist to the highest position in the land, you are endorsing socialism and you deserve to lose.


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