Kevin McCarthy Does It Again, Absolutely Nukes Pelosi on Impeachment with Three Perfect Words

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) came loaded for bear in the wake of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s disgraceful behavior Tuesday night ripping up President Donald Trump’s speech at the State of the Union and her disgraceful behavior over impeachment which ended in acquittal on Wednesday.


As my colleague Streiff reported earlier, McCarthy appeared on the floor of the House today and he said he had an official signed copy of the speech that he was giving to the House to archive, that Pelosi had no right to destroy an official document that had been given to the House.

He also observed how wrong it was for her to rip up the stories of the Americans who had been honored in the speech.


Moreover, he had another message that he delivered from what looked like his office. The message was about the Democrats’ failed effort to impeach and remove the president. The president was acquitted on Wednesday of both articles of impeachment brought by a completely partisan vote of the Democrats in the House. Two Democrats voted against it.

Pelosi had celebrated Trump’s impeachment, claiming he would be “impeached forever.”

But McCarthy had a few words for her.



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