Even CNN's Chris Cuomo Can't Deal With the Iowa Trainwreck, Calls Out Dems, 'Where's Tom Perez?'

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


The Iowas caucus trainwreck is just hard to believe. But what an appropriate analogy for Democratic governance.

We still don’t know what the results are and the explanations seem both thin and pretty ridiculous.


Especially after the Des Moines Register poll blew up, too, and couldn’t be released.

The unreleased poll results were then released by Five Thirty-Eight and although obviously those aren’t official because the Register pulled them, they showed Joe Biden shockingly in fourth.

Then reports from the ground in Iowa last night pretty much confirmed that with Biden having trouble in many districts being “viable,” having enough people to caucus to earn any delegates, as can be seen here in this report from CNN’s Jake Tapper.

So naturally, that’s sparked a lot of theories that the poll and the caucus were torpedoed because of Bernie Sanders being in the lead and/or Biden doing so horribly.

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo called out the DNC for the debacle, calling on the DNC Chair Tom Perez to explain themselves and assure everyone that things would be “okay.” “Where’s Tom Perez? Where’s the head of the DNC? Give us a call Tom. Tell us this is gonna be okay.”


Just hilarious, such a trainwreck. These folks want to run the country and put our health care in their hands?


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