Vile: Media Want to Lock Up Ted Cruz's Elementary School Age Children to Defend Hunter Biden

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was outside the Senate impeachment trail on Monday when he began telling reporters about the issues involving Hunter Biden and Ukraine.


Pam Bondi, one of the president’s defense team, presented the case on the Bidens and Ukraine on the floor of the Senate and Cruz was informing the press about some of the highlights they should be noting.

It was obviously lit. That of course involved media reports before it became about getting Trump, so now all those media reports go down the memory hole.

But so lit it ticked off the media.

Cruz said that Hunter Biden had been paid a million dollars a year through Burisma while his father, Joe Biden, threatened to withhold aid (loan guarantees) if they didn’t fire the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. He encouraged media to show the video so people in the public could know what is being talked about.


Cruz also noted the basic fact that the Bolton news doesn’t impact the legal issues before the Senate in the trial. First, it doesn’t because there was no quid pro quo communicated to the Ukrainians for investigations of Joe Biden by Trump. So it doesn’t matter what Trump said to Bolton or not. But second, as Cruz notes, is the question is whether the president has the right to investigate corruption. The Democrats argued the claim of corruption was “baseless and a sham,” Cruz said. “They based their entire case on that,” he said, “that there wasn’t a shred of evidence of corruption.” And that was just blown away, Cruz said, by the presentation before the Senate.

“It was not only reasonable and justified” to look into the corruption issues, Cruz said, but he thinks Trump had an obligation to look into them “that extended potentially into the very highest levels of government.”

A reporter then, apparently pimping for Joe Biden, said, but Republicans didn’t mention any crime committed by Hunter Biden. “Basically Hunter Biden got a job. His dad is Vice President, if that’s a crime, shouldn’t half of your children be in prison?”

Whoa, what? So Trump asking about corruption deserves impeachment and removal. But actual conflicts of interest are just to be tossed aside as “oh well, everyone does it” because Joe Biden is the likely Democratic nominee?


Cruz looked flabbergasted that the reporter would say something so vile. Then he let him have it, but good.

“My children are 9 and 11. I’m sorry that you want to throw a 9 year old in prison. But at this point, my third grader plays basketball and softball at her school, so stop playing the nasty Washington game,” Cruz replied.

The reporter protested, “I’m sorry, it’s not the nasty Washington game…” “Attacking a nine year old?” Cruz retorted. He then moved on to other reporters’ questions.

Cruz finished with noting the critical point – that the House Democrats haven’t met their burden of proof.

But to drag Cruz’s children, ages 9 and 11, of all people, into it? So lock up the elementary school children but let Hunter and Joe Biden off the hook? How low can the media go? Who is this character that would have the nerve to ask such a question? And how desperate are the media and Democrats at this point?


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