Paging Adam Schiff: Pelosi 'Threatened' Republican Senators in 'Jury' If They Didn't Vote for Witnesses

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

House Intel Chair Adam Schiff, who is also the primary House manager in the Senate impeachment trial, appeared with “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd on Sunday and advanced the ridiculous claim that President Donald Trump was “threatening” him because Trump said Schiff “has not paid the price for what he has done to our country.”


Schiff also again pushed the same false claim he pushed last week, that Trump had threatened Republican senators that with retribution if they didn’t vote for him, that their “head on a pike.” Republicans chastised him for the false story and debunked it saying none of them had been threatened.

As we reported earlier, Democrats and their willing media partners then pushed Schiff’s false claim even further, even suggesting it was a death threat.


At this point, they believe Americans can be manipulated into believing anything, even twisting a simple common phrase as some form of a “threat.”

So if that completely innocuous statement about Schiff is a “threat,” then what the heck was this statement from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, telling Republicans they better vote for witnesses or “pay the price”? Sure sound like an attempt to influence the jury.


Someone page Adam Schiff and all the Democrats/media who claimed that Trump’s comments were a “threat.”

Where are they complaining about this? Where are they calling for investigations into Pelosi?

The only thing that’s going to stop the madness is for Republicans to stand up to the Democrats and shut this impeachment down, have Democrats start paying a price (whoops, can I say that?) for pushing false claims, vote them out and start censuring lies.


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