He's At It Again: Schiff Makes Up More Fake Things on the Floor of the Senate

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As we reported earlier, House Intel Chair Adam Schiff, one of the House managers for the impeachment trial, may have “mischaracterized” alleged evidence regarding Lev Parnas.


Now, on top of that, he pulled the same trick that he did in the House, completely making up the thoughts of President Volodymyr Zelensky to make it sound like he was supporting the Democrats’ case against President Donald Trump.

“Imagine the impact on President Zelensky if he were to acknowledge today, “Hell, yes, we felt pressure. You would too. We’re at war with Russia, for crying out loud. Yeah, we felt pressure. We needed those hundreds of millions in military aid. You think I’m going to say that now? I still can’t get in the White House door. They let Lavrov in, the Russian foreign minister. They let him in. I can’t even get in the White House door. You think I’m going to go out now and admit to this scheme?”

This is, in fact, the exact opposite of what Zelensky actually said which was that he felt no pressure and that there had never been a quid pro quo with aid for investigations. The call transcript backs that up as do other Ukrainian officials who also said there was no quid pro quo. In fact, that’s one of the reasons the case is ridiculous, which is why Schiff is trying to make up imaginary things and recast Zelensky’s thoughts/remarks.


Not only is Schiff making up things, he’s basically saying President Zelensky is lying. This whole Democratic fiasco has harmed our relationship with Ukraine and Schiff suggesting Zelensky is lying just makes it worse.

Schiff is also miscasting other facts. Zelensky was never denied the aid, except under Barack Obama. He was cut the aid by Trump before the anticipated deadline of September 30. Furthermore, Zelensky got his meeting with Trump without any investigation, it just wasn’t in the White House, so again, Schiff’s comment omits that fact.

The reason he’s making up Zelensky’s thoughts is because the facts and Zelensky’s words blow apart the Democratic case and there’s really no way around it.


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