He's a Moderate? Biden: I Would Get Rid of Detention of Illegal Aliens 'Across the Board'

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Former Vice President Joe Biden is generally considered to be the leader in a tight race for the Democratic nomination in 2020.


When you look at why many people support him when he seems to have so many issues, it appears to be a combination of the thought that he’s the most electable and that he’s not as far left as some of the other folks in the field, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

But you wouldn’t know that from some of his remarks.

Here he is saying he’d end illegal alien detention “across the board.”

He’s asked, “How exactly would you detain [illegal] immigrants in a Biden administration?”

His answer is classic Biden, a mishmash that doesn’t comport with reality. “The way we did when we reformed the system with the DACA.”

Oh really? That was done by executive order without Congressional approval. Is he really saying that?

“I would not retain them behind bars…They show up…Sometimes they have an ankle bracelet…We have to surge, we have to surge to the border, to the areas where people are being held.” Huh? What does that even mean, “we have to surge to the border?” Does he mean deploy more people? Trump has already done that. He’s also already greatly reduced the problem by his policies with the Remain in Mexico and the Mexican deal, effectively making Mexico “the wall” and having them deal with it.


“Get rid of all the cages, everybody out of prisons,” Biden said, seemingly forgetting that many of those “cages” were built during the Obama administration, the one in which he was the VP. The crisis blossomed in part because of the way the Obama administration chose to deal with it. The “cages” are big fenced-in areas in which people are held for the first couple of days after they are caught, then the people are moved. People are not in prisons and they can leave and go home. What he’s talking about releasing people awaiting a hearing is already happening as soon as they are able to do it.

But you can’t “end detention across the board” for a variety of reasons. Nor would you want to. It’s crazy. Some people are dangerous and you have to take the time to evaluate them. You can’t give someone an ankle bracelet unless you first detain that person. You can’t release an unaccompanied child to the streets without ensuring their safety and proper guardians which takes time, which is why kids are being held now. Not to mention who will and wouldn’t show back up for a hearing.


Either Joe doesn’t understand this or he does and he’s just trying to appeal to leftists. So you would just not detain anyone at all? That’s what he’s saying. Criminals, terrorists, etc, all out under Biden.

But we should remember this for the general election if he wins and the GOP should play that back in ads against him.


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