Pelosi Celebrates Impeachment by Fist Bumping Bill Maher, Donald Trump, Jr Takes Her Apart

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had been claiming that impeachment was all about the Constitution, not at all political and a sober and somber process, even “prayerful.”


She kind of blew that whole narrative when she celebrated impeachment with beaming smiles and souvenir pens with her name on them at the signing of the resolution. Even CNN called it “jarring.”

Then to cap it all off, she went on “Real Time with Bill Maher” and basically bragged that President Donald Trump would be “impeached forever,” getting applause from the liberal crowd.

If there was one moment that completely destroyed the fiction, it was when Maher congratulated her on the impeachment and they fist bumped. Nope, not political at all. “Thank you so much for waiting for us to get back on the air before starting the impeachment,” he said, as she laughed and the audience applauded.

But Donald Trump, Jr wasn’t letting that slip by.

From Daily Wire:

“Not that anyone ever believed her ‘somber moment’ BS but this really drive[s] the point home,” he wrote via Twitter.

“While [Donald Trump] gets USMCA done, china trade done, takes out terrorists, etc, the Dems have to stop him because his continued success is a threat to their failed leftist bulls***!” Trump added.


Bingo. It’s exactly that. He could have added a booming economy and low unemployment that they know they can’t dispute. They’re looking at the sorry candidates they have on their side and pushing for any edge they can get to undermine Trump. They accuse him of abuse of power when they are actually abusing their power, doing exactly what the Founders warned against, weaponizing impeachment as a partisan political tool. They’ve been trying to do it since he was elected.

Impeachment was a completely partisan effort, not one Republican voted with the Democrats. But the effort against it was bipartisan, with two Democrats calling out the effort as political and one Democrat, Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, even switching parties over it.

First they called it “urgent” then Pelosi sat on the articles of impeachment for three weeks after the vote, trying to barter with Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to guarantee Democratic witnesses at the trial. She failed when he shot her down and she finally turned them over on Wednesday.


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