Benghazi Team Member Lets Susan Rice Have It for Claiming Can't Trust Trump Admin Because They 'Misrepresent' Facts

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video


Former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice has been out this weekend hitting the shows spreading the Democratic line against the attack that took out IRGC terrorist leader Qasem Soleimani. That, of course, brings back some bad memories from when she did that after the Benghazi attack.


First, she appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show claiming that “The Obama administration was not presented with an opportunity by our intelligence community or by the U.S. military to strike Qassem Soleimani,” which was a complete and utter lie, as my colleagues Sarah Lee and Elizabeth Vaughn reported.

Then she went on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and, in the hypocritical claim of all time, accused the Trump administration of not being trustworthy on Soleimani and Iran because they have a record for misrepresenting facts.

This is the woman the Obama administration tasked to go out there and lie to all of us about Benghazi being a protest and about an internet video on all the Sunday shows after the attack.

Former U.S. Marine and Benghazi Annex Security team member Mark Geist had a few things to say about her on Saturday on “Fox and Friends” with Pete Hegseth.

Geist said Rice “pretty much has zero integrity in my book.”

From Fox News:

“It’s typical tactics from the Democrats,” Geist said. “They’re going to bring out their standard bearer, just like they did in Benghazi.”

Geist said that Blitzer was “letting her skate” one more time talking about “integrity.” [….]

“I mean, most protests they don’t typically bring AK-47s, belt-fed machine guns, and RPGs. That’s somebody planning an attack and they knew it,” Geist told Hegseth.

“They knew it when she went out on the speaking circuit on Sunday,” he continued. “But, instead of telling the truth she wanted to tell lies because she had to say what the administration — at the time — wanted.”

“If President Trump had been in office during Benghazi, we wouldn’t have lost four Americans,” he concluded.


Indeed. How dare she? If she had any scruples at all, she would never appear on another show again after Benghazi.

But instead, here we go again, spin, spin, spin. Except, fortunately, this time, she and the Obama administration are no longer in power. That means everything for the protection of this country and Americans.


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